I Couldn’t NOT Tell You About This…

December 1, 2017·
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Okay, real talk. As a blogger, I get a lot of emails from a lot of companies telling me about deals or whathaveyou. All. The. Emails. I delete most of them (because most of them just aren’t relevant to me or just aren’t a good fit), but every now and then I come across something that is, to put it lightly, STINKIN’ AWESOME.

And when I read about this deal, I felt obligated as a blogger, but most importantly, as your FRIEND, to tell you about this. Because, this is the kind of deal that I would literally text all my friends about to tell them… and, since I can’t text you all, this is how I’m choosing to share the deal with you. Am I making any sense?

Nisolo, an ethical fashion (mainly shoe) brand that I love is collaborating on probably the most insane gift card bundle deal I’ve ever heard of in my life.


For $35, yes, $35, you get 5, $50 gift cards, yes, that’s a total of $250 in gift cards to FIVE DIFFERENT BRANDS. For $35, you get $250 in gift cards. Again, it’s $50 to each brand, BUT STILL. THAT’S $250 worth of shop credits / gift cards / whatever you want to call it, for $35 – THIRTY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS. My jaw nearly dropped. That is a ridiculously amazing deal.

There is a WOMEN’S bundle and a MEN’S bundle. So, got a friend that’s hard to shop for? Want to treat yo’self? Yeah, this is a deal.

Here are the five brands participating in the Women’s bundle:

Some of the goodies you could get with your five, $50 gift cards in the Women’s Bundle:

Here are the five brands participating in the Men’s bundle:

Some of the goodies you could get with your five, $50 gift cards in the Men’s Bundle:


RIGHT?! RIGHT?! I KNOW. I know. I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath… because seriously. 

So, go snag yourself some gift cards. This offer ends 12/25/17 (or when they sell out!)

Who’s going to snag one (or 5) TODAY?