Amos is Two Years Old!

February 19, 2018·

Amos is Two Years Old! (1)

Our little Amos James is TWO. I know, I know, every parent says, “They can’t believe how fast time is flying.” But seriously. HOW IS HE TWO?!

This guy is just… the best. Amos is the absolute best. He has the sweetest personality. Every single person that comes into contact with him falls instantly in love with him. His preschool teachers, his church leaders, and his BSF children’s program leaders adore him. I mean, they adore him. He makes friends everywhere he goes. He is a lover and a cuddler and a snuggler. He’s empathetic, he’s bright, he’s curious.Amos is Two Years Old! (2)

He LOVES babies… when he comes into contact with a baby, he wants to hold the baby and love the baby and protect the baby. He gets jealous is other people are holding the baby and he is not… it’s the sweetest thing to see. Our neighbor’s have a baby that’s a few months old and Amos is basically obsessed with her.

And while he is all of those sweet and kind and precious things, he is also FEISTY. He has this spunk to him, this mischievous side, and this daredevil nature to him. He is CONSTANTLY climbing on things and giving me a near heart attack. The other day I came into the kitchen to find that he had dragged a chair up to the counter, climbed on the chair, climbed on the counter, and he was attempting to CLIMB ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE to get some goldfish. I about had a meltdown. Not for the faint of this mama’s heart.Amos is Two Years Old! (3)

He loves and hates shoes. He is extremely picky about what shoes he is wearing, is mad if you choose the “wrong” shoes, and yet the moment we get in the car, he removes his shoes and socks almost instantly.

He loves Mickey Mouse, Puppy Dog Pals, and Elmo. He LOVES to dance and the moment he hears music, he just starts to bob and sway and it’s so precious.

He is a daddy’s boy through and through. Don’t get me wrong, he does love his mama, but man… Amos LOVES his daddy. He pretty much only wants daddy. All daddy all day. Amos is Two Years Old! (4)

He loves his big sister, Lilly. When he wakes up first in the morning, he is genuinely sad if she isn’t awake yet. He asks for her and points to her room wondering when she will get up. He wants to do everything Lilly does and he looks up to her so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it makes my heart explode when I watch them together. Amos is Two Years Old! (10) Amos is Two Years Old! (6)

Amos LOVES to watch football (“bootball!!”) and basketball (“bapbepball!”) and just wants to cheer on whatever team he sees on the tv… but let’s be honest, he’s a Carolina fan through and through.

He’s learning new words every day and watching his eyes light up when he figures something out is so precious.

His best stuffed animal friend is his turtle named Zippy. He is obsessed with Zippy and he wants NOTHING in his crib at night except his blanket and Zippy. He hugs and kisses Zippy and sleeps with Zippy tucked snuggly under his arm. BUT, Amos has this hilarious nightly routine where he has to say goodnight to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and his Puppy Dog before he will lay down. He does not want any of those animals in his crib, but he has to acknowledge them. It’s hilarious and also really weird, but so sweet.Amos is Two Years Old! (5)

We also joke that Amos is extremely pious. Before all meals, Amos INSISTS we pray first and he will hold our hands and he so sweetly bows his head and closes his eyes and then he yells a hearty, “AAAAAAMENNNN!!!” after the prayer is done. It makes my heart soar.

Amos is Two Years Old! (7)Amos James, you are growing before our eyes and we are so thankful to have you in our lives. We cannot imagine what our lives would be like without you. We love you and we are so grateful for you and the little man you are becoming.

Happy Birthday, buddy!!!