Soaking Up the End of Summer | Hiking Flat Rock in Linville, NC

September 7, 2018·
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Are you planning a visit to Grandfather Mountain or Linville, NC? Hiking Flat Rock was a highlight of our recent trip. Here is why we loved this hike so much…

Last weekend my family and I west to one of our favorite places – the North Carolina mountains to enjoy family time and soak up the end of summer. It’s funny, my husband and I were both talking about how as kids we didn’t love going to the mountains, but as we’ve gotten older, we LOVE the mountains. I have honestly fallen in LOVE with the mountains and hiking and being outdoors… I can’t get enough.

The weather was beautiful – mid 70s, low humidity… it was just perfect. We did have some rain and dreariness, thankfully it passed quickly! On Sunday afternoon after church, John and I had some 2 on 1 time with our Lilly girl and we headed out for a hike. I really have fallen in love with hiking and looked up a mid-range difficulty hike that Lilly could easily do, and so Flat Rock hike near Grandfather Mountain was just the one.

It was beautiful! It was a short hike up to the top of Flat Rock and there were lots of beautiful ways to overlook the scenery… we had a beautiful view of the Linville Valley and gorgeous views of Grandfather Mountain. Lilly loved exploring and learning along the way. This particular hike has a lot of signs with information about plant and animal life along the way and Lilly made sure we stopped and read every. single. one. Haha!

I also love hiking in my prAna gear! It’s made of organic cotton so it is so comfortable, moisture wicking, and easy to move and maneuver in. I also love that prAna is sustainably made and that they are a company that is working to care about people AND the environment. WINNNNNING! Also, I went on a long hike last year in the mountains with family and again a few weeks later with some girl friends and my prAna held up the whole time… 

This video is awesome and shows a little bit more about prAna:

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The hike back down was nice and even had some places with amazing rock formations (I think that’s what they are called?) to play on and explore.

I love hiking so much because you really get to spend time just unplugging and soaking up God’s creation. It’s incredible. I can’t look out at the amazing scenery and the mountains and trees and flowers and NOT believe in our amazing Creator. He is so creative and everything is just beautiful!

What about you? How are you soaking up the last few weeks of summer? Are you a fan of hiking?