September 3, 2018·

You know my passion for education. You know my passion for educating those who do not have access to education. You know my passion for helping others.

Did you know that the majority of girls in the world lack access to primary education? Something that we take for granted everyday is a life-altering privilege for others.

#IStandForGirls because access to an education can change the direction of a girl’s life.

#IStandForGirls because no child should have to wonder if they’ll be able to get a job or go to college.

#IStandForGirls because empowering a woman empowers an entire community.

#IStandForGirls because the cost of your daily coffee can send a girl to school.

I’m standing up for the girls who aren’t able to speak up for themselves yet with Kurandza and their #IStandForGirls campaign. This month, Kurandza hopes to raise enough funds to send 200 girls in Mozambique to school.

Will you join with Kurandza and spread the word about how $20/month will change a girl’s life forever? Go to Kurandza.org to learn more, donate, or to sponsor the education of a girl in Mozambique!