Matr Boomie – Fair Trade Jewelry

October 8, 2018·
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Matr Boomie - Fair Trade Jewelry (3)

October is Fair Trade Month and I love to use this month as an opportunity to highlight some of my favorite fair trade brands. Matr Boomie is one of those brands that I just adore! I actually had their founder, Manish Gupta, on my podcast last spring (if you have not listened to that episode, go and do so here!)

Matr Boomie was founded in 2006 and works to empower marginalized communities and talented artisans all over India, they are also committed to using eco-friendly materials, and they incorporate modern trends with traditional Indian art forms. Their jewelry really is like art! EVERY time I wear a piece from Matr Boomie, I get stopped and asked about it… seriously. Every time! Use promo code STILLMOLLY15 for 15% off from Matr Boomie!

Their new collection released recently and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with you!

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Matr Boomie - Fair Trade Jewelry (1)

Vitana Cuff | Jaladhi Earrings | Jaladhi Necklace

Matr Boomie - Fair Trade Jewelry (2)

Jaladhi Honeycomb Necklace

Matr Boomie - Fair Trade Jewelry (4)

Tara Stone Necklace | Tara Stone Medallion Earrings

Matr Boomie - Fair Trade Jewelry (5)

Tara Stone Medallion Earrings (Yellow)

Aren’t they beautiful! They make great gifts for yourself or a friend. Matr Boomie also carries other gifts and home decor items, too! Matr Boomie is a fair trade company that I love so much because their products speak for themselves… and THEN they also have an incredible mission and purpose. To me, that’s what a fair trade company should be.

Use promo code STILLMOLLY15 for 15% off!!

What about you? Which piece is your favorite? Have you ever shopped from Matr Boomie before? What is one of your favorite fair trade companies?