The BEST Goal Setting Planner There Is…

November 6, 2018·

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Are you looking for the BEST goal setting planner out there? I have been a Powersheets user for over three years and the new collection is live! Here’s why I love the Powersheets goal setting planner so much…

I have been a PowerSheets goal planner user for over three years now! Every year I share on my blog about this amazing, LIFE TRANSFORMING (literally), goal planner that has helped me shape and focus my goals (and my LIFE). The new 2019 PowerSheets collection recently launched and it’s amazing! Even more fun, I even got to participate in the PowerSheets product photoshoot over the summer… so I have been waiting on pins and needles to share the collection with you. I AM MORE EXCITED THAN EVER!!!


The PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters is a PROVEN system and process that was created to help you uncover intentional goals and live them out. Honestly, the PowerSheets are perfect for anyone—love-at-home moms, students, CEOs, entrepreneurs—ANYONE in ANY season of life who needs a grace-filled system for their goals that works!

Each set of One-year PowerSheets contains: 12 full months of goal-setting worksheets to help you make your goals a reality, a PowerSheets Prep process to uncover the right goals for your season of life (this is one of my favorite parts of the PowerSheets – it asks you ALL the right questions to really help you along the way). There is trusted goal coaching on every page so that you stay motivated and on track.

You may remember my friend Lara Casey came on my podcast back in 2017 to chat about Cultivate What Matters (and, well, LIFE!)

All of the “behind the scenes” photos in this post are by Traci Huffman Photography!


I often get super distracted and I lose track of my goals. I love that the PowerSheets really WALKS you through the process of figuring out what your goals are and how you are going to work to achieve them. It really talks about progress, not perfection, when it comes to your goals.

Seriously. This is one of those systems that I look forward to every year and has helped me immensely in both personal and professional growth.

The new accessory collection (stickers! pouches! washi tape! notebooks!) also launched and I am in love. I feel like a kid again getting school supplies (aka: my favorite time of year!)

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the entire Cultivate What Matters shop, their team, the company, their mission… I am a walking testimony for them and I adore them!

If you have been looking for a goal setting system that LEGITIMATELY works, try the PowerSheets… you will NOT regret it! You can shop the Cultivate What Matters shop and PowerSheets here!

What about you? Have you ever used the PowerSheets?