How to Style a Cropped Top

November 15, 2018·
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OUTFIT DETAILS | TOP: Tribe Alive (Use code MOLLY25 for 25% off)JEANS: ABLEEARRINGS: Tribe Alive  | CUFF: Half United  | BOOTS: The Root Collective (Use code MOLLY15 for 15% off)BAG: Love41NECKLACE: Tribe Alive  (Use code MOLLY25 for 25% off)

I never thought I would ever be caught dead wearing a cropped top. When the cropped top trend started coming back with a vengeance, I remember saying, “NO WAY, JOSE.” But then brands started coming out with different styles of cropped tops and I thought, “Okay, that’s not so bad, but still not for me.”

Well, when Tribe Alive, one of my favorite ethical fashion brands, released their fall collection, I fell in love with nearly every piece in the collection… and I saw this cropped dolman top and I was hooked.

Now last spring I shared with y’all how I was hesitant to try the high waisted denim trend, but have since come around on that one, too. Well, high waisted denim is your cropped top’s best good friend. It really allows you to show of the natural curves and lines of your body! 

I have worn this outfit a couple of times and wore it to church a few weeks ago and my husband was a BIG FAN. This cropped dolman top from Tribe Alive is so flattering! I love the way the back of it scoops down, the higher neckline in the front is so classy, the dolman sleeves are flattering… it’s such a great staple piece that can elevate any outfit!

You could also style this cropped top with a high waisted maxi skirt or even high waisted shorts in the summertime!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the cropped top trend? How would you style it?