WE FINALLY GOT A KING BED!! And a little update to our Master Bedroom…

November 13, 2018·
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We recently updated our master bedroom and we finally upgraded to a king mattress. I’m sharing our bedroom update and my SAATVA mattress review today…


When John and I moved into our current house 4.5 years ago, we never really “did” anything to our bedroom. We just sort of set up what we had and never spent intentional time making the room “ours.” Life happened and here we are and we realized we really wanted to make our room feel more cozy. You can see what our bedroom looked like shortly after we moved in here

We also knew that we needed a new mattress. Badly.

Let’s first talk about our mattress situation…

So let me give you a little brief history for some context… when John and I got married and when I moved in with him after our wedding, we slept on a hand-me-down double mattress that I’d had since college. It was small, but it worked at the time. WELL… we have two kids now and (parents, you’ll feel me on this one), probably 5 out of 7 nights a week, one (or BOTH) of them end up in our bed in the middle of the night. Bad dreams, the monsters, whathaveyou… and our kids, even though they are small, they take up so. much. room. And somehow, John and I end up on the end of the bed, basically falling off, and the kids are sprawled out in the middle. How does this happen?! In any event, I’ve basically been begging for a king mattress for over a year – probably close to two years now.

Well, I get questions from you all the time about how to shop ethically in different categories – one of those categories being home goods like mattresses! You would not believe the number of questions I’ve gotten about what brands to look for when it comes to shopping for an ethically made / organic / and/or Made in the USA mattress. AND, on top of all of that, how do you find a mattress that fits into all of those categories and doesn’t totally break the bank?

Enter SAATVA Mattress! I have heard a lot about them – they are a luxury mattress brand that is made in the USA (actually assembled down the road in Greensboro / High Point, NC!), they are made of organic / eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and they have white-glove delivery service. Even better? Since they are an online-only retailer… They are more affordable than most luxury mattress brands!! Additionally, you get a 120-night in-home trial. So, if after 120-nights you don’t like the mattress, you can return it.

Now, John and I are basically complete opposites when it comes to mattress desires. I want a super soft mattress and he wants a super firm mattress. We could never compromise on what we liked. So, I was nervous when selecting what kind of mattress to get from SAATVA. We ended up choosing the “Luxury Firm” mattress because it was the most “middle of the road” option and we felt like it would fit each of our wants.

Setup and Delivery 

This part was amazing! From the time the order was placed till the time they called about setting up a time for delivery was ONE WEEK! I mean, yes, I’m in North Carolina so they didn’t have far to go… BUT STILL! The delivery was so easy. The guys were super nice, really helpful, and set everything up for me – the frame, foundation, and mattress. And it is a heavy / solid mattress.

Initial Quality

I have to say, we’ve had the mattress almost 3 weeks now and the quality impressed me right away. The materials are soft, the mattress is extremely well made, and this is a really strange but amazing “feature” about the mattress that both my husband and I noticed and we love… the sides of the mattress don’t collapse / sink when you sit on the edge. The edge of the mattress is really solid and you don’t feel like you’re going to roll off. Instead, you feel like you’re protected. It’s hard to explain, but basically every other mattress I’ve ever sat on the edge collapses when you sit on it.


Now, I’m going to do a follow up post at the end of our 120-nights, but my initial review is this mattress is amazing. To be honest, the firmness did take some getting used to for me. My husband loved it right away, but since I’m so used to wanting to sleep on a cloud, it took some adjusting for me the first couple nights. Although, to clarify, just because I like sleeping on a super soft mattress doesn’t actually mean it’s good for me. In fact, my chiropractor has said I should sleep on a firmer mattress. So, here we are! 🙂 My husband wears his FitBit to bed every night and tracks his sleep… no joke, the FIRST NIGHT we had this SAATVA king mattress, he had longer periods of deep sleep and REM sleep than any other night. And that trend has continued over the past three weeks… he said he is definitely sleeping better, doesn’t wake up for long periods in the middle of the night, sleeps heavier and more soundly.

While I don’t wear a sleep tracker (so I don’t have the data like my husband does), I will say, I don’t have periods of waking up as much as I used to. I fall asleep faster and I am staying asleep (this was a struggle for me before).  Now like I mentioned, I did have a couple nights in the beginning where it took me some getting used to, but I really am loving the mattress so far.

Oh, and both of our kids have ended up in our bed and THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE!! hahaha YAY!

So, that’s our experience with the SAATVA mattress so far! I will keep you updated on how we like it over the next couple months… and if there are any specific questions I can answer, let me know!

You can check out more about SAATVA here.

Now the bedroom…

We wanted to paint it because we knew that would be the easiest update. Well, after a paint mishap (aka: our 5-year-old SPILLING A CAN OF DARK TEAL PAINT ON OUR CARPET), we also decided to get an area rug to cover said paint mishap!

So, with a new mattress + new paint in the whole room + new linens + NEW AREA RUG = a refreshed room!

We still have some work to do on it (mainly wall-decor), but we really love how it is looking.

Here’s what the room looked like before (for reference):

And now here is what it looks like currently:

It’s amazing how much of a difference paint makes!

For those that will ask: 

  • Paint colors are Benjamin Moore “Juniper” (the teal), Benjamin Moore “Mineral Ice” for the whitish gray color.
  • We bought the rug from RugsUSA (I’m gonna do a separate post on my experience with this because it was so fun!)
  • Sign above our bed is from Smallwoods Home

I will keep you posted on further room updates, how we are liking the mattress, etc. But as of right now, I am just loving our room and I basically want to hang out in it at all times.

What about you? Any home updates you’re doing lately?