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  1. Your bedroom is so beautiful, Molly! We need to redecorate our bedroom so badly, and I’m finding some great inspiration from your room – that headboard that John built is stunning, and I love the gray/white/yellow color palette you’ve chosen 🙂

  2. Love how you decorated! Such a fun but relaxing room. I think you could do a great gallery wall on that same wall with the TV, maybe make it fit around the TV area. Oh and love your bin with all your essential oils, great idea to organize them.

  3. I would center the TV stand between the left wall and the door. To balance out the floor length mirror, I would put a tall arrangement on the door side.

  4. You can easily paint the nightstand to either match or complement the other furniture until you are able to replace it. I would say either a slightly darker shade of yellow or a lighter shade of your wood color. A couple of cans of spray paint and boom it looks great until you can afford to replace it.

  5. I definitely think you’re better off painting the wall your facing in bed an accent color over painting the wall behind your bed, and actually I LOVE the idea of “mis matched” end tables and lamps!! If we hadn’t been gifted our matching set by my brother I would totally go to thrift shops and flea markets and do that….such a cute idea…his and hers 🙂 Also love your bed spread….our is also yellow and grey and fun 🙂

  6. I LOVE this!! it looks so good! i’m attempting a gallery wall in our bedroom! there are SO many cute ideas!!!!

  7. Try and find hardware for the dresser, chest, and night stand that are more on the rustic side to go with the headboard. Maybe sand and stain them, or paint. Get rid of that entertainment thing on the wall across your bed and put in a short, wide bookcase, maybe have John make it to match your headboard. Center the window frames with the night stand and get rid of the lamp and replace them with something low, I like the size of the greenish things. And a light blueish grey for the walls.

  8. Molly what about a sort of violet blue? it would go well with the grey & yellow and the old windows from your wedding would really stand out against that colour. Also on that wall that is empty what about some sort of shelving that partly has little doors? Then you could hide a bigger tv behind it and also have space for trinkets/small frames etc? I’m a big believer in no tvs in bedroom (suffered from insomnia in early 20s) but if you have one then hiding it away will also hide it from your brain and letting it relax more… I may seem mad here!

  9. I think it is looking great Molly. As a designer, I always recommend that people do things slow & get what you really want. There is nothing worse than wasting money on something you do not like just for the sake of finishing. Your headboard is beautiful and your hubby did a great job.

    Your home should always be a true reflection of your personality and you are doing that. Especially through items such as your canvas photograph. I just love being able to incorporate things like this when I do both local clients homes and eDesign. Keep up the good work.

    And thank you for recommending the Hollywood Roll, I will be testing it out this weekend!


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