December 2014 Stitch Fix Review | What I Got & What I Kept


  1. What fabulous items! It’s great to venture outside our comfort zone’s sometimes. Thanks for hosting the linkup x

  2. Great review! I’ve been debating trying Stitch fix, but find that I’m too picky when I shop for myself. After reading your experience with it, I may just have to give it a shot!

    Birdie Shoots

  3. Thanks for sharing your review- those clothes look great. I’ve wanted to try Stitch Fix but unfortunately they don’t ship overseas 🙁
    Just found your blog through the Mommy Moments link up- off to check out more of your posts.
    Amber at

  4. I love your stitch fix reviews! I was actually going to order my first fix last week but when I realized that the earliest it would get shipped was Jan 6th I decided to hold off since We’re in the middle of moving and I don’t know where we’ll be! So I’m sadly going to have to wait even longer now until I get to try this!

  5. Molly I love how you’ve worked your way through the pieces and shown them to us – it’s great to hear why bloggers *don’t* like things for a change… your reasons were spot on: if YOU don’t like it, doesn’t matter how much your readers protest, you just won’t feel comfortable yourself! (Though I did love the polka dot sweater, and I agree about the fabulous jacket 😉

    Thank you for hosting – have a wonderful week sweetie!

    Catherine x

  6. My next fix should be here on Wednesday!! Squeeee!! I am getting that polka dot sweater. I’m excited to try it. I’ve been all about sweaters lately.

    I think that jacket looks amaaaazing! It’s a shame those pants didn’t work out. They’re really pretty!

  7. Great jacket!! I love that! I am thinking that you should have kept that amazing dress, but I love that you have the self control to return it if you didn’t love it. I enjoy the Fix reviews! Keep them coming! Susan

  8. I am not a fan of these subscription type services since i buy enough clothes as it is. It seems like they do a good job fine tuning what you like and you’ve got good self control to keep only what you love. Great jacket to keep!

    Last day to enter to win a blanket scarf & an amazing mascara.

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