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December 10, 2014·

Switching Up My 'Same-Ol' Way' of Menu Planning with Cooking Planit #EatFreshChallenge (5)I’ve been planning meals a month at a time since May or June, and as much as I love my system of just writing out our weekly menu plan on a white board… I got stuck in a rut. I was making the same things over and over again and I just felt like I wasn’t really getting all that much diversity in what I was serving my family.

I was getting bored of our dinners… I’m sure Lilly and John were, too… even though they didn’t say so…

So, remember how a few months ago I told y’all how started using Cooking Planit to switch up my menu planning? And remember how I was reallllly looking for new ideas for what to make each week? Well, if you read my posts in October, you know that I fell in LURVE with Cooking Planit. And I have been using it ever since!!

In fact, I made our whole Thanksgiving dinner (for six people and two kids!) using the meal creator and recipes on Cooking Planit.

Well, if Cooking Planit wasn’t already my favorite easy-to-use recipe / cooking assistant app… it DEFINITELY is now. They just launched a MEAL PLANNING service!


Seriously. When I started using Cooking Planit in October I kept thinking how awesome it would be if they integrated an actual meal plan into the app… well, my dreams were answered and they just launched it December 1st! So, of course I HAD to tell y’all about it…

Cooking Planit #EatFreshChallenge - Changing the way I feed my family (5)

So, here’s the gist of how Meal Plans from Cooking Planit works…

Easy Meal Planning with Meal Plans from Cooking Planit (1)

  1. Step One: Sign up for Meal Plans from Cooking Planit here
    • Your first month is ALWAYS FREE!
    • After that, the price is $3.99/mo. OR $9.99/quarter OR $34.99/yr. (that’s less than the price of a cup of coffee from Starbucks!)
    • You can cancel at ANY time!
  2. Step Two: Pick a meal plan!
    • They have four different types of meal plans to choose from:
      • Vegetarian Meal Plans
      • Gluten-Free Meal Plans
      • 40 Minutes or Less Meal Plans
      • Surprise Me! Meal Plans
    • No matter which plan you choose, you can always have access to the other three while you’re subscribed!
  3. Step Three: Receive your weekly meal plan in your email inbox OR on the Cooking Planit website!
    • Meal Plans are delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning and ALL past Meal Plans are accessible in the archives
  4. Step Four: Add the meal plans to your “groceries” and go shopping!
    • My favorite feature of the Cooking Planit app is also available in the meal plans… it builds your grocery list for you!
    • So, once your meal plan for the week is given, you can just click “add to groceries” and all the items you need will be given to you in your grocery list!
  5. Step Five: Cook & Enjoy (with your Meal Co-Pilot!)

I, personally, started using the meal plans program this month! I am on the “40 minutes or less plan” and so far I am LOVING it. You can customize the meals… for example, the meal for Monday of this week called for a salad that had radishes and walnuts in it… and I hate radishes and walnuts… SO, I just subbed those out for goat cheese. You don’t HAVE to make the meals exactly how they send them, but it gives you a GREAT starting point!Easy Meal Planning with Meal Plans from Cooking Planit (2)

Easy Meal Planning with Meal Plans from Cooking Planit (3)

There are so many new meals that are easy, delicious and I am having a lot of fun discovering new dishes and it’s making my menu planning process go MUCH faster. I also feel like I’m being much more efficient with my grocery shopping (only getting EXACTLY what I need) and using upleftovers and all that jazz.

Can you tell I’m a fan?! Haha!

So, are ya interested in trying Meal Plans from Cooking Planit out?

Visit the Cooking Planit website and sign up for Meal Plans AND THEN use the promo code: “CPspecial60” for a FREE 60 day trial!! You can cancel at ANY time… so, if you’ve been in a meal planning rut and you have been looking for a way to shake up your dinners… this might be a good thing for you to try out!

BUTTTT, it gets better! The team at Cooking Planit has been so generous to give THREE of my readers *FREE* one-year subscriptions to the Meal Plans from Cooking Planit program! And the grand prize winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card, too! Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter! Good luck!
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*Thank you so much to the folks at Cooking Planit for collaborating with me on this post! I had SO much fun with it and I truly, TRULY love Cooking Planit and the meal plans program. I’ve been using Cooking Planit for over two months now and I really love it… the meal plans program just makes it THAT much more awesome. All opinions are 100% my own and I really appreciate you supporting the businesses that help support me and my family!