Molly's Money | What "Money Language" Do You Speak?


  1. Analytic FOR SURE. But this is a constant struggle because I want to trust in Jesus for security, since he is the ONLY constant. I’ve chewed on this balance a lot – where the line is between “being practical and being prepared” crosses over into my trying to do it all myself. Trying to create my own security. For me it’s important not to let my natural analytic language define how I steward money, but rather identify those instincts and balance. “Money languages” are a great concept and interesting conversation topic! Thanks for the post!

  2. This is really interesting! My partner is definitely analytic… which sometimes means he comes across as ‘tight’ (do you use that expression in the US) and he likes to have his money in the bank and take out as little as possible…. yet he is also generous.. eg. he’ll still treat me to a nice meal from time to time! However I am not good at saving. I don’t yearn for money or to climb the career ladder but I do find it difficult to resist things, especially nice things for other people. I don’t know what type that makes me! I think having been a student then working abroad with low pay then being a student again has made money in the bank (now I have a ‘proper’ job) a bit of a novelty and I’ve been finding it fun to be able to buy those pretty shoes or smart clothes for work. However I have 30 promises this year to myself as a mark of turning 30 and budgeting is definitely one of them as I’d like to get a car and a house and build savings for our future. Now to resist nice scarves….

  3. Oh man, I don’t think I fall into any of those categories! I can’t even decide which one my husband is (who works with money as a profession). This could easily become a conversation that we have tonight over dinner.

  4. This is really helpful to me in understanding myself and how I view money! I’m interested to see what my husband will say he is. I’m kind of a mixture of analytic and expressive, but I’m definitely more analytic because that description fits me exactly!

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