J.Crew Factory striped leather sleeve tee, boyfriend jeans, TOMS booties, cobalt bag (1)


  1. I really like that shirt, Molly! For a long time, I got very into buying simple pieces that I could wear and rewear different a bunch of times. However, even a plain white or black tee gets kind of boring after time! I’ve started verrrry slowly adding some more pieces with a little extra “something” to my closet (whether it’s a subtle pattern, a texture, a pop of color, etc.) in order to feel a little bit more excited about what I have in my closet. It’s making it so much more fun to get dressed! I also love having necklaces/earrings/scarves with fun details to spice up my outfits as well 🙂

  2. I was just at my favorite consignment shop in downtown Cary. The owner is struggling. Women live in yoga pants and sweats now! She closed her shop for the last three years and is shocked at the shift. She used to do so well in this area but women don’t “dress” anymore. I’m sad too. Now, I love a good yoga pant but I also feel better when I’m pulled together. Let’s not forget to shop local!

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