You Were Given a Gift…

May 23, 2019·

At birth, you were given a gift… in some cases (lookin’ at you, Beyonce), you were given many gifts.

Maybe your gift is singing, or hospitality, or being really good at spreadsheets, or organization, or leadership, or crafting, or art, or dancing, or driving, or having a great sense of direction, or doing hair, or LITERALLY NAME ANYTHING YOU ARE GOOD AT.

Did you know that what you’re “good” at… that thing you love to do… did you know that’s a gift from your Creator in Heaven?

Okay, if you’re not a Christian and not into Jesus, can we all at least agree that each and every person on this planet has a special skill or talent or ability? Even if it’s not something that lends itself to being publicly praised, everyone has a unique gift that they’ve been given at birth.

I mean, I can sing, but I sure can’t sing like Whitney Houston. I can play golf, but I definitely am not Tiger Woods. I can also drive a car, but I’m for sure not Danica Patrick. I can cook, but I’m not Emeril Lagasse.

Here’s the thing… those gifts you’ve been given… those special skills or unique attributes? Those aren’t just for you. They’re to be used to serve others. In a culture currently obsessed with “self” – “self-help” “self-care” “pick yourSELF up by your bootstraps” (which are fine messages and have their time and place), isn’t it refreshing when we shift the focus OFF of self and use our gifts and skills to SERVE one another?

For me, I see each one of your unique skills as a gift from God that He uniquely placed in you so that YOU can serve other people with that gift and be a witness and a testament of HIS grace in their lives.

I think about all the people that have uniquely served me along the way and how their gifts were a manifestation of God’s grace at a moment when I needed it most.

And then I think about how I can then be that for other people.

So tell me, what gift were you given? Be confident in that gift and USE it because God didn’t make any mistakes when HE made you…