Why I Love the Fair Trade Original Roll-On® Bracelet…

May 28, 2019·
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Aid Through Trade is a fair trade jewelry company and the maker of the fair trade Original Roll-On® Bracelet… See why I love this company so much! Use promo code MOLLY30 for 30% off your order from Aid Through Trade.

I am a big jewelry fanatic. In the past few years, I have tended to be drawn towards more basic mix and match clothing. Its not that I don’t still wear bold prints or color, but on a daily basis, I love wearing neutrals and really dressing up outfits with jewelry. Especially given my passion for fair trade jewelry, I’m always on the hunt for a jewelry brand that makes beautiful pieces that I can wear every day or dress up any basic outfit.

Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (11)

I had heard of Aid Through Trade for years because they are THE maker of the Original Roll-On® bracelets that have become popular! When I had the opportunity to meet the founder, Damian, back in March at the Fair Trade Federation conference, I had an even greater respect and admiration for this brand than before. They are the epitome of what it means to be fair trade warriors… AND to run a brand and a business that is competitive in the traditional retail market. I’m telling you… Aid Through Trade, this incredible fair trade company, is leading with a BEAUTIFUL, well-made product, the pricing is amazing, it’s the perfect mix of classic and trendy, and the fact that their products are fair trade and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nepal is just the cherry on top.Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (12)

Aid Through Trade™, one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation, was started in 1993 by a former Peace Corps volunteer. It is now one of the leaders in the fair trade fashion industry and employs over 200 women artisans in Nepal.

200 women artisans!! Isn’t that incredible? The ripple effect of the employment of these women and the impact they are having on thousands on people in their communities is incredible. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… jobs change lives.

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Aid Through Trade makes a wide variety of beautiful fair trade jewelry… but obviously their Original Roll-On® bracelets are their bread and butter. What is awesome is that they literally have a LIFETIME guarantee. The quality is so amazing and they back their products so much that if ANYTHING happens to the bracelet or jewelry, they’ll fix it or replace it! That’s amazing. Also, the way the Original Roll-On® bracelets are made, they will fit ANY wrist. I know that’s a huge struggle for many women is finding a bracelet that fits your wrist… but trust me, these really do fit any wrist!Why I Love the Original Fair Trade Roll-On® Bracelet...

They have so many different styles. Coordinating sets, friendship bracelets, college and university sets, sorority sets, mommy & me sets, and the “rollies” for kiddos! Lilly has been LOVING her rollies so much that she won’t take them off! hahaha 🙂

Why I Love the Original Fair Trade Roll-On® Bracelet...I have been wearing my statement Original Roll-On® in hema cream almost every day! They’re the perfect neutral bracelet stack to wear with basically anything… and the coordinating earrings and necklace are beautiful.

I obviously love, love, love their college sets (GO TAR HEELS!)Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (5)

and their sorority sets (go Phi Mu!) made me totally nostalgic for college.Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (9)

The friendship bracelets and mommy & me sets also make amazing gifts.

I have a special just for you… use code MOLLY30 for 30%(!!!!) off your purchase from Aid Through Trade right now. This is the perfect graduation gift, birthday gift, or maybe even do some early back-to-school shopping or knock out your holiday shopping in advance.

Now tell me… which one is your favorite? What style do you love? Have you heard of Aid Through Trade before?

Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry