December 2019 Random Acts of Kindness Calendar | FREE PRINTABLE!

November 29, 2019·

We are back with the 5th annual 25 Days of Kindness – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness calendar. And, as always, I have a free printable December 2019 Random Acts of Kindness calendar for you!

I can’t believe this is the 5th year we’ve done this random acts of kindness advent! I mean, I realize I started this with Lilly when she was old enough to actually participate, but still. This has become a favorite tradition in our household and in our community! A few years ago, ABC11 joined in an got the whole Triangle area participating and it’s been so fun to see our community love participating in spreading kindness.

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Of course we should spread kindness all year long, that goes without saying. BUT, what I love about doing this kindness advent calendar is it really does get you focused on doing good during the holiday season. Sometimes intentionality can go a long way! ESPECIALLY when it comes to teaching kids about kindness, giving to others, serving the community, and more.

I have found that doing this kindness advent calendar with my kids really helps to foster conversation about WHY we do these things, WHY it’s important to think of others first, WHY we should care about making our community a better place, HOW kindness creates a ripple effect.

The reality is, we (as in the collective society) talk all the time about anti-bullying and raising kind kids, etc. BUT, the fact of the matter is that kids aren’t going to just be kind on their own. I mean, MAYBE… it’s certainly possible… but cultivating kind, selfless, kids takes work and intentionality.

I actually read an article online that said:

One recent study with nine to eleven year olds underscored these benefits [of being kind]. The researchers found that children who performed acts of kindness on a regular basis, in addition to seeing positive changes in their academic experience, were more socially accepted by their peers. What’s perhaps more surprising is how their engaging in acts of kindness also ended up benefitting their entire community: These children tended to be more inclusive and less likely to bully others as teenagers.


Let’s raise our kids to be kind… really, truly, kind. (And let’s also be honest, we adults need this reminder, too!)

SO, with that being said, here is the 2019 December Random Acts of Kindness Calendar. Take a photo and post on social media! Tag me @stillbeingmolly and use the hashtag #trikind25. All of the days activities are just suggestions… feel free to switch some around or come up with your own. The whole point is just to cultivate a culture of kindness in your home and in your community this holiday season (and all year long!)

December 2019 Random Acts of Kindness Calendar | FREE PRINTABLE!


What do you do to cultivate kindness in your home? Will you be participating this year?