2019 Blog Bloopers!

December 30, 2019·

I started doing blooper posts a few years ago and some years I’ve done a pretty good job of saving the bloopers while other years I’ve not done such a great job. (See my blooper post from 2013 (this one is THE MOST CRINGEY), 2017, 2018).

Anyway, I tried to do a little better job of saving some classy blooper pics this year and I did… okay. I DO NOT take myself too seriously, and I love being able to laugh at myself and this weird job I have. I hope y’all have fun looking at these as much as I had looking back through them:

2019 Blog Bloopers!

My kid’s faces crack me up…

6 Tips for Teaching Young Kids About Fire Safety (4)

My husband never takes it seriously when I use him to test the lighting for a shot…

Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (2) Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (4)

Really have no idea what’s happening here…

Aid Through Trade Fair Trade Jewelry (5)

Lilly loves jumping in the picture…

Another test shot pose from my husband…

“The burrito I ate was like THIS BIG.”

My son is not having any of my picture shenanigans.

Lilly is SIX! | Annual 50 Birthday Question Interview (3)

Neither is Lilly.

Lilly is SIX! | Annual 50 Birthday Question Interview (16)

I look like an actual deer caught in headlights.

Why Shopping Ethically Matters | Elegantees, VEJA, Sseko Designs, Sela Designs, Ethical & Fair Trade Fashion (2)

“What, is this like a Noxema commercial or something?”

The Elegantees "Molly" Dress is Here! | Beautiful, versatile, ethically made dress (52)

“I think I’ll just take a nap right here.”

I CONQUERED MY FEAR OF THE DENTIST with the Best Dentist in Apex, North Carolina! (7)

This hilarious girl wanted to take a picture…

I didn’t have as many pictures this year as I normally do, but that’s okay! I hope you enjoyed the few I had!

Happy new year, friend!