The BEST Goal Planner There Is! | 2021 Powersheets are HERE!

October 14, 2020·
This post is NOT sponsored but may contain affiliate links. I truly love and use the PowerSheets! View my full disclosure policy for more information.

I have been a PowerSheets user for over five years now! Maybe six… or seven. I don’t know, I’ve lost count. The PowerSheets are, by far, THE BEST goal planner on the market and they have truly changed my life! You can read some of my past PowerSheets reviews here, here, and here.

What are PowerSheets?

If you are new here or have no idea what I’m talking about, the PowerSheets are an intentional goal planner that help you really uncover what matters most in your life and set real, actionable, achievable goals. The PowerSheets also really do help guide you in your goal setting and goal achieving. Now, it doesn’t do it FOR you… you have to do the work, but the PowerSheets goal planner really does help you through the process.

Well, the 2021 PowerSheets were released TODAY and the new collection is amazing and even better than before (which I honestly didn’t know was possible).

The process this year, and what makes this year’s set a little bit different, is the prep work process is a little bit more streamlined AND the quarterly goal refresh is streamlined as well. Personally, the quarterly refresh is one of my favorite parts because, it really does help you to refine your goals throughout the year. You’re not carving any of these things in stone… it’s all an ongoing process! Especially this year, in 2020, my goals in July looked VERY DIFFERENT than they did when I set them back in December. The quarterly goal refresh really helped me to let go of some things that I thought I could tackle this year and helped me focus on things that I knew I could achieve this year.

Also, and this may sound shallow, but the PowerSheets are just so dang pretty. 😉

How do I use the PowerSheets goal planner?

Now, I do go through all the prep work and all of that… but how do I ACTUALLY use the PowerSheets on a daily / weekly / monthly basis? Well, I always have my PowerSheets sitting with me on my desk so I can reference them at any time. I make sure to check off my monthly, weekly, and daily action items. And they really help to keep me accountable when I realize it’s halfway through the month and I haven’t done something that I set out to do.

Who knows what 2021 is going to bring? I certainly don’t. BUT, I love using the PowerSheets as a way to set myself up for success and really hone in on what matters most in my life.

You can snag your 2021 PowerSheets (and allllll the other amazing 2021 Cultivate What Matters goodies and accessories) here!

What about you? Do you use PowerSheets? How do you use them?

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