4 Ways to Prioritize Reading in the Midst of a Busy Schedule

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  1. I read every single night before bed, even if it’s late (I just usually read for only 5 minutes then). I’ve also been woken up by my iPad hitting me in the face, but most of the time I can remember to put it away 🙂 Also, most people could fit in more reading time if they carried a book (or e-reader) with them everywhere – try reading a few pages every time you have a few minutes and would normally look at social media and you might form a new habit. Since I use the kindle app, I can go back and forth between my phone/iPad/kindle. I thought I would hate reading on my phone but it’s really not so bad. We are surprisingly used to consuming info – articles, social media – on that screen size anyway. I’m also not that much of an audiobook person because I find the escapism easier by reading actual words… but listening to audiobooks absolutely counts so you do you.

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