We’ve named our farm!

June 8, 2021·

After months of deliberating, throwing ideas and names around, we have officially chosen a name for our family farm…

Welcome to: Selah Farm.

We had literally spent hours tossing ideas around… many contenders were things like “Be Still Farm” or “The Stillman Farm” or “Purpose Farm” or “Rosewood Farm” – but none of them felt right. Then, a month or so ago, we were in the car and the word “Selah” (pronounced say-lah) was on my mind (I happened to be reading the Psalms that morning) and I looked at John and said, “Okay, hear me out. Feel free to veto this, but what about “Selah Farm”?” And he immediately said, “Yes, that’s it. Done.”

So why Selah Farm, you ask?

The word “Selah” appears 74 times in the book of Psalms (71x) and the book of Habbakuk (3x). It’s a Hebrew word that has been a mystery to biblical scholars over the years and it’s true definition has probably been lost in translation, but nearly every scholar agrees that it was used as a liturgical musical direction to pause, reflect, rest, listen, or praise. (It is not to be confused with the Hebrew word “sela” which means rock). It’s a word that carries deep, thoughtful meaning to breathe, to rest.

One of our deepest prayers with our farm is that it becomes a place where people can come to breathe out, to rest, to reflect… a place where people feel a deep sense of joy and peace. I mean this in the least woo-woo of sense… I mean this with a deep, bone shaking truth. This is what God called us to do with this place. This is what we’ve longed for and prayed for.

Additionally, the name “Selah” has always held a special meaning to John and me. We’d always envisioned a large family and having lots of children… and, the name Selah was the name we’d chosen for a baby girl had the Lord blessed us with another daughter. The truth is, we don’t know what the future holds as far as more children. And for some reason, naming our farm Selah Farm, felt like a nod to our dream for our family… Caring for the Farm like we would our own children. Leaving a legacy for others through this place.

So what’s next? 

We are taking things one day at a time and learning as we go. Eventually, our goal *is* to sell products that we grow or make here on the farm, but that’s definitely not this year. We will for sure give away and bless others with our eggs, produce, meat, etc… but we hope to be able to package up and sell local honey or eggs or produce at local farmer’s markets or local shops in the future. Timeline is certainly TBD, but trust me when I say we are dreaming big dreams!

We are so thankful for what has been entrusted to us and we know that God’s vision and plan for our farm is greater than ours and we are trusting Him to guide us every step of the way.

Farm website is coming soon but you can follow our farm on Instagram at @selahfarmnc!

(Also, shoutout to my friend Stephanie at Highland Ridge Decor for designing the PERFECT farm sign for us! When it came time to order a farm sign, I KNEW I wanted to buy one from her and it turned out PERFECTTTTTT. We love it so much!)