I’m Co-Hosting on QDR!

July 6, 2021·

Many of you, if you’ve been around long enough, might remember that I used to work in radio! That’s actually how John and I met… we were like the Pam and Jim of the radio station where we worked. We met and fell in love there and my husband actually proposed to me ON the radio!

That’s partly why I started a podcast… I missed that medium of talking to people, interviewing people, and just having fun through the format of audio content.

Well, a couple weeks ago the production team at 94.7 WDQR – the country station here in the Raleigh / Durham area – reached out to me as asked if I would be interested in guest co-hosting the morning show on QDR! And of COURSE I said “YES!” I’m a huge music lover – and country music definitely has a very special place in my heart. I mean, my first “date” with John was a Toby Keith concert where we got $10 lawn seats and I’d learned about those lawn seats while listening to QDR in the car on the way into work.

So, if you’re local, tune in NEXT WEEK – July 12-16th, 2021 from 6am-9am on the QDR q-morning crew show to hear yours truly! If you’re NOT local, guess what… you can stream the show! You can ask Alexa or your smart home player to “play 94.7 WQDR” or you can just stream it live on their website. It is going to be SO MUCH fun and I honestly cannot WAIT to get back behind the mic on the radio.

Let me know if you tune in! Tag me – @stillbeingmolly and @947qdr on social media!