1. Girl,

    I’ve got a few things to say here. 🙂

    A. My favorite photos of you are the awkward ones. Because it’s just my favorite parts of you shining right through my monitor. I have a number of awkward photos of the two of us (from when we were freaking BABIES – we sure do look like it anyway) that I should put up as a blog post and link to your YOLO linky party. HAHAHAHA

    B. You are beautiful. Your heart and soul are right out there for everyone to see and that just exceeds your physical beauty, which is also gorgeous.

    C. I feel fat a lot. Ask Josh – I am CONSTANTLY asking him if I’m fat. It’s a real, true insecurity I have. I think it’s a normal part of being an American girl. 🙂

    D. I’m not gonna lie…I had a kit-kat with breakfast and I don’t have a pregnancy excuse. hahahaha

    E. I’m not gonna lie…I have a problem with obsessing. Over everything. Did I do this right? Am I good enough? Did I let someone down? Did I leave the oven on? Did I close the refrigerator? I should have gone to the gym. I should have…I should have…I should have…Why didn’t I? Did I do that right? Can I apologize over something 6,000 times to make it better? Was 6,000 times enough? Why are you telling me that I didn’t need to apologize in the first place? I’m sorry that I apologized. I’m sorry I’m now annoying you. These are the conversations that go in my head and our house everyday.

    Thanks for always being so honest and open. I think we all feel a little more normal when we share our insecurities and “abnormalities” that we all share.

    love ya!

    1. i love you, ash! you make my life shine. seriously. i so wish we lived closer because i miss you all the time! thank you for your encouraging words and thank you for being such an amazing sister. YOU are amazing.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I loved your honesty in this post! It is always refreshing when somebody wears their heart on their sleeve. I’m not gonna lie, I am a first-time mom to a toddler and the anxiety never really goes away. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really like ice cream (I know- weird, right). I’m not gonna lie, that tunic is SUPER cute and a perfect way to show off that beautiful baby bump!

  3. I am totally with you on the interior decorating, although I would go so far as to say I’m terrible. I feel like one day, when we have our dream house, I need to budget for an interior designer to come in and make it pretty because I won’t be able to do it!!!

    The Blue Hour

  4. Not gonna lie…Molly you will be a fantastic Mom (I’m already envisioning the parenting blogs to come), and your marriage will only get stronger. Yes, there will be sleepless nights, and days when nothing goes right, and most definitely days when no one sees eye to eye. There will be days in many years to come, when you will actually relish those months of pregnancy and somehow wish you could turn back the hands of time. Enjoy it all….the good, the uncomfortable, and the ability TO take a nap. Love you!!

  5. Ohhhh girl you are going to be such an amazing mom!!! I just know it! There’s no way someone as sweet as you with such a good soul (yes this is even obvious over the Internet) could raise nothing but a great child! And you are so beautiful!!!

  6. I’m not gonna lie, I loved the honesty of this post. I love how you kept it real because honestly all those feelings are normal. And for the record I think you look totally adorable preggo, makes me miss my baby bump 🙂


  7. Molly, I think the things you are feeling are so normal. I personally have had moments where I never felt less attractive, where I didn’t want to look in the mirror, and where I just wanted to hide for the day. You are so beautiful and it makes sense to feel uncomfortable sometimes in a body that doesn’t totally belong to you anymore. I always have to remind myself that it is just a season!! Hang in there sister, you are rocking it whether you see it all the time or not! We sure do!!

  8. You are so beautiful!

    I feel like my “I’m not gonna lie…” post was yesterday. I got it all out. Well, not all, but a lot.

    And, not a hot mess. I love the jumping pic.

    As for how you feel, it is great you are actually admitting it! Live there. Be there. Be honest before the Lord (have we learned nothing from the Psalms?). He knows. He cares. He sees YOU!

    I’m going to a girls night out at Fabrik next Monday. Since I missed the TriFabb meet up there, I’m excited to finally go.

  9. Molly you are going to be an incredible mom! Don’t doubt that for a second! You are one of the most humble, honest, and positive people I know and we are only Internet friends and I can see these things! Love you!!!!

  10. im not gona lie, every woman feels like that when they are pregnant….but YOU are sooo amazing in so many ways that you need not worry my friend, you are going to be the most spectaculuar mommy and baby could dream of. lets get you some strawberry ice soon!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  11. Molly, you look gorgeous, you should totally feel confident because you look it! I always love “real bloggers” instead of the ones who wear a size 0 and pretend they are better than everyone else. I love that you’re a lady with some curvage (as am I), plus, women who carry their pregnancy without so much as a compliant make me suspicious. 🙂

    Im not going to lie that I just want to quick my job now and pack everything and just move to NC already. This snow in April is killing me and Ive lost all motivation at work since I know ill be leaving soon….

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  12. Love your outfit Molly. That blouse is gorgeous on you. I love your candid post today. I felt quite confident when I was pregnant and that fell out the window with my placenta!!!! It’s hard to feel confident when your body is no longer your own. But you’re doing a great job of faking it. You look amazing Molly. Embrace it and enjoy it.



  13. You are too darn cute Molly! Hot mess you are not! And I can’t imagine the emotions rolling through you, but I’m being honest when I say you are one hot pregnant momma. haha I only hope to look that good when that time comes for me 🙂

  14. That tunic is super cute and makes for fab maternity fashion! I hear ya on the feelings of anxiety and grossness. I am 28 weeks and in my experience so far those feelings come and go. Hoping you have some bright glam days ahead. 🙂

  15. Molly!! You look so so so beautiful pregnant! I’m sure it’s super common to just feel huge and not pretty while prego, but believe-you-me, you look gorgeous!!! (I’m probably going to need you to give me a pep talk if/when Bud and i get prego because I’m sure ill feel the same!!) Love you! Xo

  16. Molly!! You look so so so beautiful pregnant! I’m sure it’s super common to just feel huge and not pretty while prego, but believe-you-me, you look gorgeous!!! Love you! Xo

  17. Hi Molly–

    I’m not gonna lie; I love coming to your site each day, seeing your joyful face and fun posts. So many of the things you write hit home with me. Your ability to be refreshingly honest and sincere is such a gift–I am so glad you guest posted for Marion that day a couple months back, that’s where I first found you! 🙂

    I’m not gonna lie; I am 8 weeks pregnant and scared to death. I’ve had 5 pregnancy losses (one horrific one in the middle of my 2nd trimester) and I feel the losses have robbed me of my joy and innocence when it comes to experiencing all the ups and downs of pregnancy. I am blessed to have a wonderful little boy though, and so even if I never have another baby, I am truly thankful to have been given the gift of motherhood.

    I’m not gonna lie; I have the most amazing, wonderful husband who is a true gift from God. I know God planned him for me and me for him. We are truly partners, best friends, everything! 🙂 And yet, I have the tiniest, school-girl type crush on one of my Sunday School teachers, mainly because of his adorable Oklahoma accent (and we live nowhere near the South!) That’s totally okay, right? RIGHT? 😉

    Thanks Molly, for bringing a smile to my day. I am not lying when I say yours is the one blog I actually look forward to every single day (I love the others, but yours is just something totally different for me.) I’ll be praying for you and the concerns you mentioned in this post. 🙂

    1. Melissa, I don’t think there are words that will accurately be able to describe how much I appreciate your comment today. It blessed me in ways I didn’t know I needed blessing. I will absolutely be praying for you and your pregnancy – God is so good and He is in control of it all and no matter what, it will all work out in the end for His glory! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  18. You’re so cute! Don’t let the pregnancy blues get you down! God gave you the most beautiful gift and with it comes so much, but all of it is awesome! When I girlfriend gets upset and freaks out about thinking about the birth of her first son (she’s due the end of June). I always remind her of the pioneer women long ago before doctors, modern medicine, and hospitals. If they can do it so can you! Hey, at least we have YouTube now, right?! lol. Remember God made you to be a mom and he has blessed you with this awesome gift and this wonderful journey! You’re instincts will kick in and you will have no doubt in your mind what you should do. Being a good mom isn’t about nessecarily doing the “right” thing, but it’s doing the right thing for you, for your baby, and for your family. You’re going to be an awesome mom! Oh && definitely give in to those naps, your body needs them!

  19. Molly, you are so gorgeous and one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen! (Although I’m no expert since I don’t have children) I think your worries and concerns are completely normal. Don’t be so hard on yourself!
    And I’m not gonna lie… I ate about 10 mini Snickers peanut butter squares after dinner last night. But they were mini, so it’s okay, right?!

  20. I’m not gonna lie…No matter how much a achieve I never feel worthy.

    you’re not alone – here’s a quote, quick, what movie is it from…

    “Wouldn’t it be great if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive?”

  21. omg, how can you jump that high with your bump! i can hardly go up the stairs without panting…lol. I just turned 20 weeks and I feel like I am at 36 weeks. lol

    Love your Bump Style BTW , I am at the stage where nothing, NOTHING, fits right and I am so uncomfortable in everything. Also love the toms, they are some comfortable and stretchy for swollen feet, lol!


  22. I agree…those are totally normal concerns…but the thing is, once you have that sweet baby, your natural mother instincts will kick in full force. It’s crazy and wonderful how that works out!

  23. I’m not gonna lie…you are a beautiful pregnant woman. You look confident and the love you have for your baby oozes out of you. Ooozes? Hmmm. Probably a better word choice for that but it’s early and I’m sleepy.
    I’m not gonna lie… you are going to be a fantastic, wonderful mom. How can you not be? You had a great role model growing up and a great big sister to show you how it’s done now as well. And frankly, you are a great mom already to two four-legged babies. I mean really…Audrey gives hugs. Real hugs. That’s just so adorable. You are funny and quirky and full of life and spunk and you are going to pass that on to your little peanut.
    I’m not gonna lie…I could eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs all the time. Last night I suggested that we have a Reese’s egg and mac and cheese for dinner. That was it. That’s why I’m not in charge of dinner.

  24. Oh, honey, all of those things are super common things to worry about. I know you are having advice thrown at you from EVERYWHERE, so I’m not even going to try. But take it from me- who documented every single pee,poop, and feeding in minute detail from three weeks, whose husband HID “What to Except the First Year” from me because I was convinced that Sean was going to die of something horrible, who was terrified to me left alone with a newborn and wouldn’t dress him for fear of pulling his head off, who had to finally admit I needed help and got put on an anti-depressant- you can do this! Being anxious shows you care! You have a ton of support both in real life and here on line. Just remember, you do what’s best for you, no matter the advice you get!
    PS Love the colors in that tunic!

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