1. You do look adorable! I love how you always rock the skinny belt above your belly. So cute!

    After being pregnant, I try to always complement an expecting mom when I see one because I know we all need the encouragement! And after having small children, I like to tell other mom’s that “it’s okay” when things are going horribly in public because again, I have been there!

  2. Life is all about the Random Acts of Kindess! In fact, on my spring bucket list is to complete 5 random acts of kindess. Some of my ideas are paying for somebody’s food behind me at grocery store and writing some one a special note telling them just how much I appreciate them. Or just simply smiling at a complete stranger and tell them how nice they look! What a great day for you!

  3. that lace top is so pretty! you look beautiful! how nice of a stranger to say that too! and so funny because yesterday I got another package with another little teether toy from you! not sure why they split them up but it was fun to get another package! So thank you AGAIN!!!!!

  4. First of all….look at that sweet belly!!! LOVE! And you are so right, sweet, small and unexpected gestures can really turn someone’s day around…I am challenging myself with you to do the exact thing…make somebody’s day…like they made yours!

  5. It definitely is the little things! About once a week I go through the Dunkin Donuts drive through for coffee and about twice a month I pay for the car behind me. It always makes me feel good. 🙂

    The Blue Hour

  6. The lace top is gorgeous. I totally agree that we are blessed every day. My son is the one who blesses me everyday. He is by far my biggest blessing.



  7. Hey Molly, congrats on the amazing news! I was MIA from ur blog lately and just saw u all glowy and pretty with a little blessing on the way!! I was away in India for a month and just came back home! How are you feeling? It is such an exciting time, right!! Good luck and enjoy every second of it! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  8. You DO look beautiful! I think sweet things from strangers are the best! I am definitely going to be thinking up ways I can give this little blessing throughout the week.

  9. That lace top is SUPER cute! You’ve inspired me to find one (not of the maternity variety) for myself.

    Don’t you love how a simple kind comment can warm your heart?

  10. You DO look so pretty, pregnancy suits you well. Compliments are so easy to give and you are right, they brighten people’s day. I feel great when I think I have made someone’s day better, we should strive to do that every day!

  11. You look so gorgeous!! I hope I have an ounce of your style when I’m prego and have to start over with my wardrobe decisions. 🙂

  12. Aww that is such a sweet gift -and what a beautiful top! Your bump has really popped and I LOVE IT! I’ve had some good lessons in choosing my attitude this week, so I love what you said about paying attention to life 🙂

    Pearls & Paws

  13. That lace top is stunning on you. Seriously. I’m contemplating a trip to Motherhood Maternity….and I’m not expecting!

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