To Tithe or Not to Tithe? Trusting God with your finances.


  1. I know I’m late to the party, but your blog/post has blessed me today. My name is Yolanda Sheppard. September 2020 I had a supernatural experience, where I heard God’s voice from 9/27 – 10/2, which landed me in the mental institute, but also brought me to my knees in reverence and surrender to God. When I was released 10/8/20 I committed myself fully to the Lord. I lost friends, my 4 children were scared to communicate with me, and my marriage was on the rocks. Needless to say, the enemy was at work. Fast forward to February 2021 God laid it on my heart to start tithing, amongst other things. Before I knew it my marriage was getting healthier and back on track, my kids were good and I was feeling at peace. My only stump, was my challenges in my finances. At the time I was still behind on my business lease by several months with my landlord; pandemic issues, and personal bills were spiraling out of control. My husband and I ended up having to file for bankruptcy, so now we’re officially cleared from immediate debt, but we’re still a little bit behind on the lease, but not by much. And all of our standard bills are paid; Praise God 🙌. But, I can honestly say, we’ve been getting business deals EVERY DAY, and money’s been flowing in easily and frequently. I’ve been faithful in my tithe, but for some odd reason I’ve heard that voice in my head that says I’m crazy for doing so. As of today, I strongly started questioning myself as to whether or not I should be paying tithe. For some odd reason, I’ve come across posts about my pastor and his 3.5 million dollar home and I guess you can say it shook me up a bit. Now, I do realize we should be giving cheerfully, and not under the basis of anyone else and what they do. Granted the ministry does a lot of great things for the body of Christ internationally, I just felt some type of way. You know? Either way, I asked God for a sign of guidance in this area of concern and BOOM, I came across your page. You’ve blessed me today and you’ve given me a clearer perspective on how I should think and operate, dealing with this matter. I’ve decided to continue paying my tithe. Because at the end of the day, it does make me feel good. Thank you for everything, Thank you for being you. I love your free spirit in writing; Blessings 🙏

    – Yolanda
    IG: yschateau
    IG: yolanda0076

  2. I tithed away the last bit of money we had one time. We needed exactly $50 to get to the next check for gas. The day was coming when we were supposed to fill up our tanks to make it to work the rest of the week. We ran out, I called my wife and she was really happy. She was given a gas card by her work for $50. He provided what we needed EXACTLY when we needed it.

  3. Lately I’ve been convicted in my tithing practices. I just didn’t even give $5!! Last week I gave my 10%, before placing the envelope in the offering tray I said a small prayer “Lord, giving this money to you is a bit hard I must confess, but I want to trust and obey You. I have faith You will take care of me”. The day after I received two checks from the IRS, money that was owed to me!! Wayyyy more than my 10%! I was not even expecting that! What a blessing it is to follow His rules! It leads to a better life.

  4. I did exactly that: tithed faithfully over 6 months. End result: my contract was not renewed at my, but colleagues who dont even know God, let alone tithing got renewed and are now pitying me… it’s a while load of crap… and dont even try and justify it all by questioning if i was a cheerful giver or not…he said he will rebuke the devourer blablabla… none of that! It’a lie!!!

    1. Ouch! I tithed years ago to a church that really didn’t honor the tithe much. My needs were met, with a big struggle though. Now twenty years later, I tried it again, to a place that really reverences the tithe. Six days after the first tithe, I received $500., and I tithed on that. It’s wonderful to have God as a Partner in this world. You couldn’t have a better Partner. I pray you would also find the right place to give your tithe.

  5. My sister gave me The Blessed Life to read as well. She was living in a 2nd world country with her husband but they would tithe every month regardless. Even though they were only making 600 a month totally they would tithe and still had money at the end of the month regardless if the mathematics didn’t work out. I figured since she was doing it, I could do it too. I read The Blessed Life and it totally wrecked me. I wanted to “test” God as well. So I made a commitment to tithe every penny I earned. That was a little over a year ago. I went from having no major job prospects for the month as a freelance artist, to picking up a two month gig, then a four month gig, then another two month gig, and then finally an most recently a job in NYC which was essentially more than double what I was making a year ago. It is still only a freelancing position, and it’s only temporary. But God has more than shown up and provided. I used to be very stressed about my finances because I had dental bill after dental bill, but God has been taking care of things and has been leading me towards a debt free lifestyle. I am closing in on my final credit card being paid off. After that I will only have college loans, and even that is minimal compared to many of my peers. Last year I was able to give X amount of dollars by way of tithing to the church. I remember seeing the amount and being surprised, and then I said God I want to give even more than that next year. So far I have been able to triple the amount I have given to the church this year all just off of tithing. I don’t think it’s a scam or some get rich quick scheme. I think it is an obedience and trust thing with God. It might not happen right away, but if you are obedient and cheerful, God definitely shows up. Most importantly, seeing it work in my own life has built a trust with God that I don’t worry or stress as much because I trust God. It also helps me to be even more generous and cheerful when it comes to giving above and beyond the tithe. I.E. buying someone lunch or giving of my time or something that blesses others in a way. It creates more opportunity to share with others that God loves them. That book and the time spent with God really shaped and encouraged me. Do not listen to these people who say its a scam or whatever. Jesus said that the farmer who sowed seeds saw a return of 30, 60, or 100 fold return. Your time and your money are your seeds. Sow them accordingly. He also said that to whom who gives generously, more will be given, and to whom who is tight fisted, more will be taken away. So check your heart, have a conversation with God, and give cheerfully and trustfully. God Will Take Care Of It!!!!! Sorry for the rant guys, but I totally get excited talking about tit because it really happened for me and it totally changed my relationship with God and with others. I blogged about it myself at

  6. Im so very thankful to stumbled across this today. We are financially in way able to tithe a full 10% of pay. But seeing how you trusted and made it work makes me want to try my best to give.

  7. Hi! I really want to believe in tithing. I gave my last $10 budget for weekly food at church last Sunday expecting for something miraculous. However its going to be 7 days tomorrow and I dont have money anymore to buy food for the week. Har! Now I dont know where Ill get money to buy food.

    1. Theo – Thanks for sharing. The reason you weren’t financially blessed by tithing is that tithing is a system concocted over a century ago by some foolish, though well-intentioned people.

      Tithing income to a church has nothing to do with the actual tithing of ancient Israel, which was only food (money was not allowed to be given in place of the animal), given only by landowners (the relatively wealthy at that time). Other trades did not tithe. Did they support the Temple? Absolutely. They would pay 1/2 shekel each year as a Temple tax – an amount equivalent to two day’s wages for a day-laborer. Not only did the poor not tithe, they were supposed to be able to eat their fill *from* the tithes (Deut. 14:28-29, Deut. 26:12). The early Christian Church did not tithe. Tertullian, a 2nd century Christian apologist and fighter against heresy said this: “On the monthly day, if he likes, each puts in a small donation; but only if it be his pleasure, and only if he be able: for there is no compulsion; all is voluntary.”

      Ambrose, Bishop of Milan wrote in 384 A.D.: “For her own benefit the Church owns nothing…. These rents and these revenues … the Church gives away. The possessions of the church are expenditure on the poor. Let them [the pagans] count up how many captives the temples have ransomed, what nourishment they have offered to the poor, to how many exiles they have given resources for a livelihood.”

      Some churches today behave more like those pagan temples than a Christian church. The Lord does not want you taking food off the table or medicine from your children in order to help pay for a new coffee bar at the church. Tithing is a recent phenomenon that goes hand in hand with the prosperity gospel movement. Don’t fall for the idea that God will always bless you financially if you tithe. I can show you faithful tithers who lost everything.

      Jesus said to “Beware of the teachers of the law . . . They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers.” –Luke 20:46-47

      And they are still at it.

  8. I really admire your honesty Molly. I think what turns off people alot is when people scream and point and yes I have seen it done, “You Thief!!! Straight from the pulpit. Shame does not bring change. Let the Holy Spirit do it’s job in each life. No where in the bible is it written to scream from the pulpit that is not biblical. I am testing and trusting God in this area also because the Holy Spirit put it upon my heart. NOT because of anyone shouting at me.
    God has done great things sometimes unexpected checks…sometimes not financial but health and being able to find sales for groceries for my kids. It’s not always about money. But one thing I do know.. 10 percent does not belong to God. ..100 percent does…our kids, family our very breath. Have a great week everybody!*

  9. Hi Molly, My name is Tara and I am not saved, but I do believe in God and I have a church home that I attend & have joined & tithe faithfully. I tithe 10% of what I take hime after taxes have been took out. Should I consider tithing my total before taxes are took out. I trust, believe, & have faith in God, even though I’m not saved. But I do fall short sometimes on my faith. & I also pray about that. Even though I tithe faithfully I still feel like I’m not being blessed in the areas I need help the most. It seems like the struggle is getting harder & harder & I have no help, no nothing. WHAT DO I DO? Because I pray, I tithe faithfully, I attend church, I try not to stress about & believe that God will work it out, & ect. but it’s seems like it isn’t getting any better.

    1. God bless you Tara. Thankfully we have a savior who wants your heart, not your money.

      Those who teach tithing, change everything about the way it was done in ancient Israel. And I mean everything – who is to tithe, what they are to tithe, who gets the tithes. In fact Jews today – still under that old covenant – do not tithe, except to give to charity. And they are not legalistic or superstitious about it as some Christians have become.

      So we have a New Covenant. And the New Testament says to give: as you decide in your heart . . . not under compulsion – because God loves a cheerful giver (see 2 Corinthians 9:7)

  10. Thank you Molly for being transparent about this! I stumbled upon this blog when trying to decide if I should tithe an unexpected bonus. I’ve never been consistent with tithing and after reading you give an honest and real take on it…I’m ready to restart and trust in Him. Thank you!

  11. I am rejoicing in my re-commitment to tithing. Having recently become a single mother, I had no idea where the money would come from since I was left with a huge brand new home that I couldn’t pay for, and other various debt that was just too much for one person to handle on one income. I took the tithe challenge through my church, anxious to recommit and trust God as a single person. It has been 4 months, and although I’m still having to dig into my savings to pay my bills, it’s not as often and certainly not as much. I have HOA dues due this month and I had no idea how I was possibly going to pay them and today I got a bonus from my employer that will not only cover the dues in full, but will give me a small cushion to fall back on! I am immediately filled with His presence and the very same words you heard, Molly – “See, I told you if you trusted Me, I would take care of you.” Trust is the issue for me and I have been faithfully praying about it, praying for my finances, and praying that I won’t fall back into old habits and take money from God’s storehouse. I do that. For what? Nothing! I have nothing to show for my selfishness! I am learning that tithing actually does bring me closer to God and I am putting more and more trust in Him and His word. I am ashamed that I doubt His love for me, even after He proves it time and time again! There is a song playing in my head, although I don’t know the name, but it says, “I trust in Jesus, my great deliverer, my strong defender, the Son of God.” He is my portion and he delivers more than I’ll ever need! Thanks, Molly, for your post! Be ever blessed!

  12. I was raised in the church and when I hit about 14 and was on my own, I deviated. I’m now 24 and I’d say I’m not really christian I guess. I never got baptized for some reason when younger and I believe in god and Jesus, but I don’t believe that tithing would work for me. For 1. My money situation isn’t favorable, it never really has been favorable. 2. since I’m not an all out christian (I don’t study the bible or go to church) I don’t think tithing would work for me b/c technically, I’m not..for lack of better words, like you. I consider myself a good person, I try to do right by people and help when and where I can or when I feel a strong urge to, but do you think i should even try to test this based upon my shaky relationship with God?

    1. Hey Joy! This is a tough one… because for me, if I were you, seeking a relationship with Jesus again would be my priority above tithing. What is your motivation for tithing? Tithing is an act of worship… and if you’re looking to tithe, that means you’re looking to worship the Almighty. If you’re looking to tithe solely in the hopes of getting more money… well, then that’s definitely not going to work… God loves a cheerful giver and He loves and blesses those who return to Him what was already His… if that makes sense.

      All in all, let me just say that I’ve been there… I strayed from God big time, but the second I opened my heart up to Him again, my life was wrecked and completely changed. I’d consider just looking into finding a great church and maybe exploring a relationship with God again… and then see where things lead.

  13. Hi Molly! I was a faithful tither before and I know firsthand it really worked. I received hundredfold return monetarily, in Divine favor, and opened doors for me. But along the way, I stopped doing so, which caused me now to be in serious financial and debt problem. I lost my job, but I’m hoping to be employed this week. I have promised to tithe every cent of my income again. I cant afford not to tithe again.

  14. Hi Molly, GREAT post! Your honesty and transparent style is something I really connect with. My wife and I have experienced God’s promises in action since we got married 4 years ago. We committed to the tithe and to give above and beyond every time an opportunity presents itself. Since then we have become debt free (well, still paying on the house…so almost debt free) and have been able to “retire” my wife from teaching since we just had our first child. Point being, tithing works. It does exactly what the Bible says it will do. It’s a topic I never get tired of hearing about (or talking about!) Thanks for having the boldness to write this. Great job.

  15. Thank you so much this post. I have been dealing with things financially and this just gave me hope to never stop trusting in God!

  16. Thank you so much for this post!!! I started tithing in December of last year and it was the best decision I have ever made! We need to remember that the first 10% is not ours, it is God’s. We are not giving it to Him, we are returning it to him!

  17. I’m honestly not sure what to write. I stumbled upon your money posts on Pinterest today and decided to look around. This really caught my attention. My husband and I are trying to get out of debt. A couple years ago we started going to a church we love, but we weren’t avid tithers. Within the past 4 or 5 months I started small and have been working my way up. I tithe more than 10% or my net, but not quite my gross.

    It is hard for me still to fully trust, but 3 months ago I got a new position at work that upped my income by a good amount. I believe god held me in my old job because he knew this one was coming for me. I greatly appreciate that you brought up such a big topic like this. Reading this really meant a lot to me. Thank You!

  18. This is the first blog post I have ever read of yours! I loved every word of what you had to say! I have been a full tithe payer most of my life and I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life over and over! Especially when paying my tithing takes a big leap of faith! As a Mormon, I am often questioned about tithing and often people think my husband and I are nuts for giving 10+% to The Lord. Lets face it….God doesn’t really need my measly contribution to further His work upon the earth! I need to contribute to further His work within me!

    Thanks for the reminders! With love, Amy

  19. Great post! My parents raised me to believe that giving at least 10% was what we are called to do as Christians. I married a man that had the same belief. I currently tithe off of my net and make an offering of any other “increase.” While I do not struggle with giving in this way, I honestly don’t even miss it, I do struggle with being mindful of my giving. My husband prays over his tithe and offering before he gives. I do not always do that and almost treat it as any other bill I have to pay. I mentioned this in my small group a few weeks ago and pledged with the other ladies to really be gracious and conscious as I give cheerfully!

  20. Okay, so I’m stumbling across a bunch of amazing blogs right now, and yours is one of them. I am SO appreciative of this post for a lot of reasons: 1) you are so right. People don’t talk about money and Christianity. I appreciate that you tackle it. 2) It is really hard to have a conviction about tithing with all those questions in the back of your mind like “Will I be taken care of?” or even “Can I trust what this money will be used for?” But like you said, money is important, even in the Bible, and it definitely can’t own us! It is awesome that you have a conviction. 3) I looove your story. It is such a clear example of what God does when you really and truly trust him.

    Giving is something that I can have a wavering conviction on for sure, and I constantly have to go back to the Bible to consider how important it really is. I also love that God’s commands in the Bible especially concerning money weren’t meant to stress us out, but to remind us of all he’s given us and to love him and others. My favorite is in Deuteronomy where God commands the Israelites to take a tenth of their best meat, vegetables, and grains, and eat them before the Lord in a big celebration, taking care to include those in the temple, those outside the community, and especially widows and orphans – whoever was in need.

    Ha ha, and, now that I’ve written my own blog post…lol…

  21. You simply can not “outgive” God–the stories I could tell after 15+ years of tithing! Blessings, Molly–good stuff!

  22. Thank You Molly
    My daughter asked, two years ago, how we were going to pay for her college education.
    I answered: “we still don’t know how we’re going to pay for your prenatal care and birth!”
    Get it? God has provided this whole time… 20 years….
    Sunday she gets Married… That’s paid for too.
    Hi to your Dad, Blessings of Peace and ”
    Love to you and yours day by day,

  23. Molly girl PREACH! I haven’t read your posts in over a month….so glad I stopped by this evening. Truly a blessing and I wish you and the fam continued happiness and more blessings than you have ever imagined!

  24. Go ‘head girl!! Love this!!! Isn’t it awesome how big our God is and how He works!!! Makes me tear up! It’s scary relying on the unseen but I know who holds tomorrow and that my needs and the needs of my family are met! I could go on forever…but I won’t. 🙂

  25. Thank you for being bold and sharing about this. We are called to trust and be faithful, to have generous and joyful hearts. God has certainly provided all our needs. Random bonuses, refunds, etc. when other financial mishaps have occurred, like transmissions going out and whatnot. I am reminded when I doubt of the Israelites who constantly questioned Moses ERN though they too were always provided for…and I don’t want to be like the Israelites! The Lord is faithful, and when it doesn’t make sense on paper, that’s when Christ gets to step in, show up and reveal His glory ad faithfulness!! There’s a lot about walking in faith that doesn’t make sense to the world, but we aren’t to be like the world anyway!! Thanks for sharing your testimony!!

  26. It is so crazy that we have so many similarities. When I was first curious about tithing I too tithed $50 (not having really heard about tithing until I joined the church I currently love and attend). And once I got married and my husband and I decided to go all in, we have certainly seen the blessings that the Lord promises. One example: we had a leaking pipe in our bathroom that was leaking into our dining room; meaning we would need to repair both the wall in the bathroom and the ceiling in the dining room as well as the pipe. It looked like it would be a ton of money to fix. Insurance came and assessed the situation and made suggestions on what we should replace and gave us a check right there on the spot to cover the expenses. Well it turns out, my husband has a friend who installs dry wall patches for the military so he was able to repair our wall and ceiling for very minimal money and we found a plumber to fix the pipe, not costing a lot. So we didn’t have to shell out any of our “own” money for this, as the check from insurance covered it all! We were so thankful to God for blessing our finances and not causing us to have to use our savings to pay for the leak. God is so good! I have seen so many instances at our church where God has truly blessed the finances of the cheerful givers. Great post my lady!

  27. I loved this post! That is amazing how God provided for you in those ways as you kept giving Him more. He proves to us over and over again that He is faithful, so why do we ever doubt Him?! Still it is such a struggle to give money because it’s a trust thing… we have to TRUST that God is going to work things out and we have to push away the lies that that extra money will make us happier if we hold onto it. I love hearing stories like yours! This is motivating me to reevaluate my tithing and possibly kick it up a notch… we’ll see!

  28. I love this post. I am just realizing the blessings that come from tithing. Now that I am married, working and making my own money I understand the importance. God has blessed us so it’s the LEAST we can do to show our obedience. Again, great post!


  29. I’m always amazed at Christians who don’t give/tithe. It is such a joy! My salary has barely increased in my 18 years of full-time ministry. I am not hungry. I have a beautiful home. I give and it is a blessing to me when others ask!
    As someone in full-time ministry who is fully financially and prayerfully supported by individuals, I get comments all the time how thankful people are that I ask for them to partner with me.
    It is a joy to give!

  30. Wow does your story sound close to mine. I can say that this subject is touchy. I’ve been questioned about my family’s tithing from my boss ( a Christian man who is a Financial Planner). We give a total of 15% of our income. 10% goes to the church and the other 5% is tucked away (We call it our Jesus fund). The money piles up until God moves us to donate to a cause, help out a friend or send someone on a mission trip. It’s amazing how God has bless us and taken care of us. My family has a roof over our heads, clothes and food. Don’t get me wrong, we still live paycheck to paycheck. But with wisdom and smart financial planning it all works out. <3

  31. Oh Molly I so glad you said what you did! I know it takes a lot of guts because people look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about tithing. But it’s so true, if I’m not mistaken this is the only place God asks us to test Him. He knows money is so close to our heart and He wants to show us how faithful He is! We have never gone hungry or missed a payment on a bill and as if tha wasn’t blessing enough there have been raises and mystery checks and all sorts of little blessings along the way. Proud of you for posting this, it’s something everyone needs to hear!

  32. So this is definitely a timely post. My fiance just mentioned to me that he wanted us to start tithing and I have to be honest I felt a little bit anxious about the idea. I was always smart with my money and had built up a savings, but joining finances with my fiance, I now have his accumulated debt and it’s such a scary feeling to think of owing so much money and not having my ideal financial cushion in my savings account before starting our life together. So when he mentioned tithing (literally this past Sunday), I just thought “this man must be crazy!” We have a wedding to plan for as well as we NEED to get out of debt because our goal is to start trying at a family as soon as possible. We also haven’t found a church home. So this post was definitely the push I needed to begin. I may start your approach of just starting to give a little and build my way up to the 10%. Thanks for the encouragement! My one question to you is, what are your thoughts about tithing even if you don’t have a church home? Should I wait until we find a church home or just tithe to whichever church we attend?

  33. Molly,
    I have been needing this! I recently began reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and while I have been giving, I look at my budget and think that I cannot tithe but I am taking on this challenge since I know that God has been placing it on my heart and your post is another sign to follow God’s word on my financial situation and fully trust him.
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

  34. This is excellent, Molly! Not to bash any preachers but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better sermon on giving (and I’ve been in church my whole life!) I know it took courage to write but thanks for doing it. People need to know what could be in store for them if they’re obedient in this area… The blessings far outweigh any sacrifice! (And when you think about Calvary, it’s hard to call anything we do a sacrifice!)

  35. Molly, I love that you wrote this! It’s beautiful to hear God’s blessings in response to your obedience and trust. When I worked my first job in high school, I wrestled with tithing the same way you did – my family did not have much extra each month and I was covering all my own expenses short of food, housing, etc. I tithed semi-regulary until it hit me: God can do far more with 90% of my money (in my personal budget) then I can ever do with 100%! Fortunately, my husband has the same belief and we’ve tithed faithfully together. God has blessed us financially – and while it may not always be that way, I’m grateful for the blessing now. Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  36. Molly this was such an awesome testimony of how Gods word is true. I tithe faithfully, but not always with a cheerful heart. This is probably my biggest struggle–letting go of my finances. Thank u for sharing your story!

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