The Truth Is…

September 10, 2013·

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The Truth Is…

The Truth Is… I did not put Lilly back in my belly. These pictures were taken at 41 weeks – they were the last outfit photos I got while pregnant.

The Truth Is… I’m posting these pictures because I didn’t want this post to be without pictures. I don’t like posts without pictures. I lose focus. I’m ADD.

The Truth Is… I actually kind of cringe looking at them. I was just so huge and so uncomfortable and so swollen. I know it came with the territory, but it’s painful to look at.

The Truth Is… I pray that I’m going to one day like my body again and feel like a human again. Getting pregnant and carrying a human baby to term really takes it’s toll on a female’s body. I know it will all get better with time, but the truth is, it’s tough right now.

The Truth Is… I have stretch marks now. I was SO excited because I literally went the ENTIRE pregnancy without stretch marks. And then BAM. I hit 40 weeks and all of a sudden all of the stretch marks I never got the previous 40 weeks decided to show up. They aren’t HORRIBLE, but they’re there and I hate them.

The Truth Is… getting dressed post-partum has been WAY harder than getting dressed at 41 weeks pregnant. I’m in this weird middle area… like my pre-pregnancy clothes (even most of my tops) aren’t even CLOSE to fitting (and FORGET about my pre-pregnancy pants). And my maternity clothes are falling off of me. I have a few dresses that fit, but they make nursing SUPER difficult. So, yoga pants and nursing tanks have been my uniform for the past three weeks. As a fashion blogger and lover, this makes me sad. I am trying trying trying to get better and get dressed more often, but it’s hard. I’m just being honest.

The Truth Is… I have already lost 35 pounds so far, but I’ve got at least another 35-40 I’d like to lose. I can’t wait till I can start working out again!

The Truth Is… my cupcake obsession has not let up post-partum. And I’m okay with it. Except for the fact that my dog, Audrey, ate one of my cupcakes last night. Not okay, dog.

The Truth Is… I realize my cupcake obsession will need to change if I want to lose that remaining 35-40 pounds.

The Truth Is… I may or may not be showering every other day right now. And dry shampoo is my new best friend. It’s totes fine.

The Truth Is… I feel like this post has felt kind of serious in tone. I feel like I should tell a joke, make a fart noise, or talk about the weather. …Nah.

The Truth Is… I am now obsessed with HGTV. Seriously. Since I’m basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for my kid now, I have to distract myself somehow. And those distractions have come in the form of watching HGTV all day. House Hunters Renovation, Hawaii Life, and You Live in What? are among my favorite shows. I feel like such an old person now.

The Truth Is… I want to know what truths you have to share. Leave them in the comments below…


The Truth Is… Happy Birthday, GroopDealz! Oh how I want all the things and all the deals. ALL THE THINGS! ALL THE DEALS!
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