What I Wore When I Got Dressed

September 11, 2013·

New mom style - cardigan, crochet tank, World Market Scarf{{Cardigan: Target (on sale!) // {{Shirt and Jeans: Motherhood // {{Scarf: World Market // {{Watch: Michael Kors (gift) // {{Bracelet: GroopDealz // {{Diaper Bag: Kate Spade (LOVE this one)

New mom style - cardigan, crochet tank, World Market Scarf New mom style - cardigan, crochet tank, World Market Scarf New mom style - cardigan, crochet tank, World Market Scarf

You guys! I got dressed! Okay, okay, I mean, I’m dressed every day. But you know what I mean. I wore something other than yoga pants and a nursing tank (like I mentioned yesterday)! And boy did it feel good.

I mean, the truth is, my tunic and jeans are technically maternity clothes. And by technically, they are. But as I, again, mentioned yesterday, maternity clothes are some of the only clothes that still fit me… even though these jeans are falling off of me (I have to pull them up every 4 seconds).

But the tunic? The tunic actually works. It’s not like, “super maternity” looking. It actually fits kinda well for being a maternity shirt. So, c’est la vie!

Now my scarf? Not maternity. I got it for my birthday using my birthday coupon to World Market. I’ve said it before how much I love the scarves at World Market. Heck, how much I love ALL THE THINGS at World Market. But seriously. I saw this scarf on the rack and immediately snagged it. It’s SO PRETTY!

You’ll also notice Lilly and a sweet little boy named Andrew (aka: “Doodle”) are in these photos. I met up with my friend Brooke at the mall yesterday… and Doodle was all about being in the photos. Lilly? She didn’t care as much. I figured my first outfit post post-partum should include my best accessory. 🙂 (No, I’m not referring to my daughter as my accessory… you know what I mean…)

Anyway, it was so good to just get out of the house and be OUT. Lilly only soiled one outfit, I only had to breastfeed twice in the Nordstrom Women’s Lounge, and I almost ran out of diapers, but hey, I’m still learning. It was certainly an adventure of an afternoon. And I look forward to many more adventures that I’m sure are to come…

So, what have YOU been up to so far this week?

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