Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can’t-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

September 12, 2013·

Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can't-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

So I’ve been doing this “mom” thing for almost four weeks now. I’m almost out of “survival” mode, but I’m definitely still in the “figuring-it-out-as-you-go” mode… which I have a feeling is going to be the mode I’m in for at LEAST the next 18 years or so.

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure how I’d do. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle this new title, role, and job. I wasn’t sure if I’d be cut out for it. Sure, I’m tired. Sure, it’s hard. But is it worth it? Heck yes. So far, I love being a mom. It’s awesome. Lilly is like the greatest thing ever. Again, parenting is no joke. It’s tough. But it’s awesome.

Anywho. As we were preparing for the impeding arrival of our offspring, we received SO many different things and I got SO MUCH advice (almost never asked for). I wasn’t sure what things and what advice I’d ACTUALLY use or find handy.

I know there are a million and a half of these “new mom essentials” posts out there, but heck, what’s one more? Here’s the stuff that I, quite literally, have NOT lived without for the past four weeks:

Breastfeeding Helpers and Stuff:

Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can't-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

  1. Circo Flannel Receiving Blankets: I have about 50 of these. Okay, 50 is an exaggeration, but I do have probably 10-15 and I USE THEM ALL. I use them to cover Lilly if she’s cold when she’s nursing. I lay Lilly on them if I’m nursing in bed. I lay them on top of the Boppy pillow to catch spit-up and other baby body fluids. I use them to clean up the spit-up and other baby body fluids that eventually end up on me. I use them to clean up the mess from a leaky boob (it happens…). They’re just super multi-purpose.
  2. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler and Straw: Breastfeeding makes you THIRSTY. Like, crazy thirsty. I drink water ALL. DAY. LONG. and my thirst is still never quenched. I was using bottled water and other cups but it just got to be such a hassle wasting all those water bottles or having a cup sweat all over the side table. I fill up this tumbler with ice water all day long. I’m seriously never without it. Sure, you can use any old water bottle or tumbler… I just happen to want to use a cute one!
  3. Nursing Tanks from Target: I have three of these (each color shown) and I need to go get more. They are ALL I wear. I tried on a few other nursing tanks at a couple different places and these are BY FAR the most comfortable and the easiest to use.
  4. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads: So, I tried the really cute reusable, washable nursing pads. And, I’m gonna be honest, they are great in that they are soft and good for the earth. But, unfortunately, I was leaking through them almost instantly (sorry if this is TMI, but it’s just the facts). The disposable nursing pads, I have found, just work SO MUCH BETTER for really preventing you from leaking milk all over your shirt and everything. Trust me.
  5. The Boppy Pillow: I know everyone has their favorite breastfeeding pillow… this one just happens to be mine. I really do love it and I use it all the time, not just for breastfeeding. I prop Lilly on it when she’s on my lap. I use it to nurse AND work on my laptop. I use it for support for my back. It’s come in SO handy. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Random Baby Stuff:

Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can't-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

  1. This Rocker: We registered for this rocker and it has been AMAZING. We have a swing, too… but Lilly really loves this rocker. We sit it on the floor next to the kitchen table when we’re having dinner. I place it outside the laundry room when I’m doing laundry (which is a lot). I put her in it when I’m attempting to get a shower. It’s just a great place for her to relax and stare at things while I get something done.
  2. Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets: Okay, so I heard about these blankets while I was preggo and I just couldn’t understand how blankets that were THAT expensive could be that worth it. I mean, they had to be over-hyped. There was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on some baby blankets. Well, John’s aunt had given us a pack of these Aden + Anais blankets as a baby gift and I figured I’d try them out. HOLYMOLY. Totally worth the money. They live up to the hype. They’re crazy soft. They’re great for throwing over her in her carseat, her stroller, if I have to nurse in public and I don’t have my nursing cover… anything. Seriously. Now I want ALL the Aden + Anais things. Obsessed.

The Baby App I Use All The Live-Long Day:

Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can't-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

  1. The BabyCare App: I know there are like 100 different apps out there to track feeding, bathrooming, and sleeping. I just happen to be turned on to this one by a friend and I LOVE it. I track the length of time I feed Lilly, when I change her diaper, and when she sleeps. The app tracks and learns her habits and even estimates when she’ll need a diaper change, a feeding, or need to go to sleep. The chart feature is super helpful too… it charts her activity and it has been super helpful for me to show that to her pediatrician.

Beauty Stuff for Mama:

Essentials, Must-Haves, and Can't-Live-Withouts for the New Mom

It’s no secret showering and “getting ready” is tough for new moms. Here are the things I use on a DAILY basis to help me feel at least a LITTLE put together…

  1. CoverGirl BB Cream: I recently hopped on the BB cream bandwagon. I love this particular one because it’s really lightweight, not TOO heavy and provides just the right amount of moisturizing coverage. I’ve been using this in place of a regular moisturizer.
  2. Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Pink Essential Lip Balm: I did a whole post on how much I love this stuff. Love it. Love it.
  3. L’oreal Voluminous Power Volume Mascara: I am a mascara freak. I LOVE mascara. DiorShow was my favorite mascara for YEARS. And then I tried this drugstore brand mascara… and FELL IN LOVE. Seriously. I am on my 6th tube of this stuff… it’s the only mascara (after DiorShow) that I have bought multiple tubes of. Best. Stuff. Ever.
  4. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is an essential for every new mom… it really helps your hair to not feel gross and disgusting in between showers. This just happens to be the kind I LOVE.

There are, of course, a bunch of other things I use for general baby care… but this is the stuff I use MOST frequently and love love love. Are you a new mom? What things are on YOUR list?

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