1. Daddys and their baby girls are awesome…I could watch my husband hold Maggie ALL day 🙂 I haven’t tried the selfie trick for calming down baby. Maybe I’ll give a try this week! The growth spurts can be painful (since you can’t seem to make the baby happy) but they do pass!

  2. Love those selfies you took of the 2 of you. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but laugh, otherwise you will go insane.



  3. How cool that you have this document of Lilly’s life for her! Since this Interwebs thing will be around for a while, perhaps your grandkids will get to experience it too 🙂

    What am I celebrating this week?
    Overwhelm! I’m celebrating it because I can! If I wasn’t overwhelmed then I would probably be bored. Haha. I’m celebrating another successful week of school for my daughter who’s a freshman and has 50% more work this year, my husband who is an amazing partner, and my amazing friends! I’m also celebrating me. I did a little forgiving of myself and it was nice 🙂

    Awesome things that have happened?
    The opportunity to work with an amazing charity! A small business goal I achieved. And the chance to be a source of inspiration to someone who is making a significant change in their life. My friends’ successes that I have been fortunate to share in their joy!

    Thanks Molly have a great weekend with your family!

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