May Stitch Fix Review (10)


  1. I actually like those shorts! I’m trying to figure out what that means! I also like them on you! Am I just old and lame? Either way, I love these posts. So fun!

  2. That’s too bad about that first top and the dress because I think they’re beautiful! It stinks when you really love something and then it doesn’t fit right!

  3. I really like the mixed material shirt on you! This looks really fun, but the prices are a little too steep for me. 🙁 I’ll just live through you! Haha

  4. Ugh! I totally posted a long comment and accidentally deleted it! Oh well.. those shorts are pretty old school! I think I really did have a pair in the 4th grade…from Jordache! Ha! I got my first fix a couple days ago and she did great picking out my items! I would totally participate in a link up!

  5. Thanks for such an honest review- including the shorts which I totally agree on… they look SO dated! That was a major oops on their part! haha I love the necklace you chose, though. 🙂

  6. HA! Those shorts do remind me of Jordache. I think I may have had a pair of those in 4th grade actually. Should have saved them for Lilly when she’s 10. JUST KIDDING! haha…but the necklace and that black dress was cute!! Oh and the cardigan too!! I got my first box a couple days ago..and I can’t wait to see what comes in my next one! I would totally participate in a link up!

  7. I too love the necklace! I so wish that dress was better for you – I loved it! I have yet to try Stitch Fix because I think it’s a bit expensive. $58 for a top is not for me 🙁 But I think the whole idea is so fun! Can’t wait to read more from you!

  8. That necklace is amazing so good job on keeping that one 🙂 I also really love the cardigan but understand your reasoning for not keeping it. My aunt and unlce just did a week long road trip/vacation through the Carolinas and they were saying how hot it was and they couldn’t even imagine how hot it would get when the humidity starts.

  9. I think the 41Hawthorn Wrap dress is cute on you! I received a similar one in my fix on Tuesday and I love it. Can I ask where you got the white tank? I think I need it!

    You can check out my recent review on I posted a couple pictures I wasn’t sure about either! I appreciate an honest review though.

  10. Oh, law, those shorts?!?!? Why is Kut even making those? I don’t think they would look good on a size 2 14 year old. Yikes. They do sell that brand at Nordstrom so now that you are so close to Nordstrom Rack, you can check the brand out at cheaper price points. But NOT those shorts. Yes, the stylist truly fell asleep there.

    Love your honesty. Of my three fixes, I’ve only really liked one item from each but to me, that’s success. I need to figure out when to schedule my next…..

  11. Girly you are so cute. Love the outfits/pieces…. plus your face with the shorts. Trust me I don’t wear shorts well either. I wish there was a designer who understood length, cut, and took into account thighs when making shorts. Until then I don’t wear them.
    xo, Lee

  12. Love your honesty. I would have been upset about getting this box. The cardi is so awesome, but I totally get why you didn’t keep it. I will try Stitch Fix one of these days!

  13. I love how honest you are. And I have to admit, I like that black dress on you! I think it’s cute!
    I’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix but I’m nervous!

    1. thanks, alyssa!! you know what I say to people who are nervous? just give it a try… that’s what i did… i said, “i’ll try it one time and what do i have to lose?” you have AT MOST $20 to lose… but you never know! I think it’s really fun to try at least once… and if you hate it. no big deal. 🙂

  14. I think it all looks great (well, except I wouldn’t have liked the shorts either, but they still look cute on you… I LOVE your face in that photo!!!!). How fun! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 🙂 Karen S.

  15. Loving this series, per usual! Also, I’m totally on board with not keeping the cardigan! Especially since it’s getting hot, that increases the chances of finding it on sale during the summer! Plus, after last night we probably need more ponchos in our lives…

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