Stitch Fix Brixon Ivy top, Lularoe Skirt, Nude Wedges, Pink bag, Nickel and Suede earrings


  1. I love the color of your earrings!

    I have a few cardigans that almost boost my mood :). I have a few I only allow myself to wear a few times a year and I get so excited when I pull them out!

    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn

  2. I love the outfit -especially those earrings and that gorgeous white top! I always feel great when I get dressed up for church on Sundays. There’s nothing like going to church to learn more about God and fellowship with other believers. So whenever I’m dressed for church I get excited knowing where I am going.

  3. Great outfit! I have a super bright pink purse that is similar and I love it!! It adds so much color to any outfit and people always compliment me on it!! I love it paired with this skirt– you look great girlfriend! Have a great weekend!


  4. I feel that way too–whenever I’m feeling blah or down, I always perk up if I put on bright colors. This summer it’s been my goal to dress more colorfully, and you ALWAYS give me so much bright color inspiration. This is another gorgeous look!

  5. You wear color so well Molly! You always appear so happy too! I should take cues from you and add more vibrant colors into my daily outfits!! I hope you have a great weekend! Susan

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