July Stitch Fix Review


  1. You blog totally pushed me over the try stitch fix line. I did a search for stitch fix xl bc I wanted to see how they did with people who weren’t supper tiny (nothing wrong with being tiny I’m just not). I looked at most of your fixes, pinned a few, added you to my feed, and signed up. Thank you for you posts and for sharing your size. I know its a little thing but It really helps to know its worked for someone out there.

  2. I got the Sami Hi-Lo top about two months ago and I adore it!! Versatile is the perfect word, I’ve worn it a lot already in two months. And I felt the same way as you, am I really spending $44 on a grey tshirt, but I couldn’t part with it. Also I’ve been washing it by hand and laying flat to dry, I have concerns about putting it in the wash.

  3. The jeans and tee you kept look PERFECT on you–pricey, yes, but so worth it–both pieces you’ll wear again and again no doubt.

    I love your Stitch Fix reviews and you are one of the reasons I decided to try Stitch Fix (my review is coming up on Thursday, yay!). I love the details you give about the items and why you decide to keep or return it–as someone who has been thinking about trying Stitch Fix for a LONG time, I really appreciate that. And you’re so right about it–it was like Christmas in July!! Can’t wait to sign up for my next Fix.
    Anyway, thanks Molly!

  4. high/low is like my favorite thing, and those jeans look great on you. thanks for hosting!

  5. I think the best thing about Stitch Fix is the opportunity to try items you would never try on your own. It pushes you out of the old comfort zone! I love that! I get a lot of great ideas for my own Fixes from your posts – so thanks! I want to try the Mavi jeans too! You kept great classic pieces! I keep everything that is soft too(: Susan

  6. Molly what a lovely start to the week to come to the link up and find my gingham dress featured – thank you so much!!

    I think I guessed right with your choices yet again, though it was a shame the fringe trim tank was so large as I loved the style/colour on you. Plus the jeans are fantastic, loved them!! Thank you for hosting sweetie – have a great week 🙂

    Catherine x

  7. Those jeans are a great fit on you, and if you feel like you’ll wear them a lot then the price isn’t so bad (I’ve paid more!). Thanks for hosting x

  8. Hah. I know exactly what you mean by “And I don’t. even. care.” Feeling the same way about the pair of Goldsign Distressed Boyfriends I’ve gotten myself. They too are super soft and just a dream to wear. Plus these look great on you.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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