My Tithing Testimony Featured on The 700 Club

September 12, 2017·

My financial and tithing testimony was featured on The 700 Club. Check out today’s post for more on the feature.

Over five years ago, I first shared with you guys my story of becoming debt free. At the time, I was so nervous to share this with you guys… because there were people in my own life that didn’t even know my situation and didn’t know my story. At the time, there were pieces of the story that I didn’t fully share (and honestly, there are STILL pieces of the story that only a select few people in my life know).

A year or so later, I shared my tithing testimony (and about my tithing journey in general)… I was so nervous to share it, but the amount of encouragement I received from you guys made all the difference. It was amazing how people from all over the world were emailing me and telling me how much sharing my tithing testimony encouraged them!

Well, back in May, I received an email from a producer at The 700 Club. After speaking with them, they wanted to send a film crew to my house to film my story. I was both really excited, and quite honestly, completely terrified. I realize that being a blogger and having a social media presence might make me seem like I’m a total extrovert, but in a lot of ways (more ways than not), I am very introverted and quite private about a lot of very personal things. Sharing my and tithing testimony and story on The 700 Club (which is an international television show that over a million people see every day), was a next step I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

After talking it over and praying through it with my husband and a few close friends, we said yes to the opportunity… I have said from the beginning that this is not my story, but God’s story to tell. And so back in June, a producer and a film crew came to my house and filmed for over eight hours! It was really exhausting, but also a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes:

My Tithing Testimony Featured on The 700 Club (1) by NC blogger Still Being Molly My Tithing Testimony Featured on The 700 Club (2) by NC blogger Still Being Molly

The featured aired on the show yesterday and I wanted to share the clip with you guys. You can view the clip here:

(Keep in mind, this is a four minute clip and we filmed for nearly 8 hours. It doesn’t (and couldn’t ever possibly) tell the whole story… but I think it does show a small snapshot of some of what God has done in my life… It’s all for His glory… not mine.)

Another thing I felt that I wanted to share with you guys that was not included in the video is just the overall blessings I began to feel when I fully surrendered to God. Yes, there were undeniable financial blessings, but the spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, etc. blessings were so much more. Past relationships that had been broken were restored, I felt whole again, I felt as though I wasn’t “searching” for something anymore, and I gained a confidence in myself that I previously never had. So, I do not want any of this to be interpreted as prosperity gospel stuff (you know, give your money to the church and you’ll be rich!) – that is 1,000% not the case…

My tithing testimony is a whole heart approach… it’s about surrendering your life, your relationships, your body, your spirit, your trust, your family, and your wallet to God. It’s about WORKING like it depends on you, but PRAYING like it depends on God. All this time, while I was tithing and taking that act and step of faith… I was also saving and working my butt off. Because I knew that I had to do the hard work and God would take care of the rest. And He has always proved so faithful.

I hope that sharing my tithing testimony and story encourage you to know that you are not alone.

Thank you all so much for being such an amazing and supportive community. I couldn’t do any of this without y’all.