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You guys, I’ve been in Indianapolis all week for work covering CEDIA 2012. I’m still here for another day, but I figured I’d just share a few Indianapolis moments from Instagram for you. Cause it’s Saturday, why not?

  1. I rode in the AAA Awesome Taxi. It was awesome. I was excited.
  2. I drove a 3D driving simulator. It was awesome. I was excited.
  3. I took a picture in the bathroom.
  4. We had dinner at the Indianapolis Colts Grille. It was delicious. And themed.
  5. The Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders happened to be there. I took a picture with a couple of them. Because why not?
  6. Watching a CRAZY lighting storm from the 16th floor of our hotel room was pretty awesome.

and now for your weekly roundup:


You guys, happy Saturday! Hope you’re doing something fun and relaxing during this beautiful weekend.

Here’s just a little fun Saturday fashion for you. This is the only picture I got of this outfit. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

polka dots + neon shorts - still being [molly] - north carolina fashion bloggerOutfit Deets:

So I wore this outfit one day last week and as I was going through the outfit-pic-routine… I snapped this first photo and boom. I looked down. And swirling around my feet were not one, not three, but five LARGE bees (which, by the way, were in open-toed sandals… my feet, not the bees).

Now I am DEATHLY afraid of bees. DEATHLY afraid. Like, I can’t even express how terrified I am of bees. I don’t know why. I know it’s totally irrational. But I would rather gargle bleach than get near a bee.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But seriously. I’m terrified.

SO, long story short, I snapped that one outfit photo (pictured above) and high-tailed it to the car and headed to work.

Yeah, so that happened. Do you have any serious fears? Are you deathly afraid of something totally irrational?

On to this weeks weekly round up!:

Have a great day, y’all!

all for now.


You guys, are the 80s fashions back? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the 80s, but are they back? Sometimes I see the trends now and I think… my golly… that’s 80s. I wore this on a “casual Friday” a week or so ago and I, personally, loved it. I love pink, I love orange, it was comfortable… no fuss no muss. BUT, I did feel like it was PRETTY darn 80s.

Thoughts? Orange and Pink? Yay or nay?

Proof that I wave to my neighbors when they see me. HAHAHA.

Outfit Deets:

  • Orange Shirt: Target ($6)
  • Pink Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer (old)
  • Belt: Target
  • Necklace: JCrew via eBay via Hong Kong
  • Blush Flats: Fab’rik Chapel Hill ($10)
  • Bangle: Jewelmint


still being [molly] posts:

rAVe [Publications] posts (aka: what I’m doing at work):

Alright guys, that’s my round up and Casual Saturday fashion this week. What links are you sharing today?

I’m off to Las Vegas at o-dark-thirty tomorrow morning for work. But don’t you worry, I’ve got some AWESOME guest posts lined up for you this week and some other way cool stuff… OH YES. You won’t be disappointed. I promise 🙂

xoxo all for now 🙂


You guys, this is my version of a white t-shirt and jeans on a Saturday. Confession: I’m not wearing this today, I wore it like two Saturdays ago. But you forgive me, right? Same concept.

I’m currently packing and getting ready to head up to the Fairfax County, Virginia area for the night / day for a funeral. The trip is bittersweet. It’s obviously not a happy reason to be returning to my hometown – funerals are never fun or easy – but I know that it’s just going to be a big celebration of our friend’s life.

But it’s also a little bit of a sweet trip in that this will be the first time my husband gets to see my hometown. He’s never been there. He’ll get to see the house I grew up in, my school, and we’ll even stop and pay a visit to the place where my mama is laid to rest. I never go back “home” anymore, because honestly, it’s not where “home” is for me – and hasn’t been for many years. But it’ll be nice to see it all again.

ANYWAY. Onto lighter notes.

Here’s your Weekend Casual outfit inspiration of the day:

Outfit Deets:

NOW, onto Molly’s TOP FIVE Reads from the week:

  1. Okay, so Bonnie over at Uncommon Designs shared this AMAZING post. Bonnie’s 13-year-old daughter created a “SUMMER BUCKET LIST” and can I just say, it is AMAZING. What an inspiring 13-year-old! Seriously. Check it out. It makes me want to make use of my summer… even though I don’t technically have a “summer” or whathaveyou. LINK HERE
  2. So, Anna K. is an ADORABLE photographer and I love her work. Well, she keeps getting better and better with every wedding she shoots! She posted this “cotton-filled wedding” this week and it is STUNNING. Seriously. So much eye-candy. LINK HERE
  3. Allison over at TwoThiryFive Designs posted the most adorable outfit yesterday (AND a Casual Friday Linkup!). She is really sweet and her blog is awesome. Check her out. LINK HERE
  4. Jessica over at Here(and)Now posted the most ADORABLE outfit and I’m kind of obsessed with her Cobalt Shorts. For reals. Check her out! LINK HERE
  5. And my girl, Bonnie over at MiniMeStyle posted the cutest pink, mint, and YELLOW outfit on Wednesday. I’m kind of crushing over it right now. For reals. LINK HERE


still being [molly] posts you may have missed:

rAVe Pubs blog posts (aka: what I’m doing at work):

Okay, that’s all for this Saturday’s round up and casual fashion and whatnot.

What did I miss this week? Share your favorite links below!

xoxo, all for now.


Outfit Deets:

  • Concert Graphic Tee: Dave Matthews Band Show (Charlotte, 2012)
  • Yellow Tank: Wal-mart ($4)
  • Shorts: JCrew 5″ Chino in Shadow
  • Necklace: Walmart (clearance jewelry section!)
  • Sunnies: Dollar Store (heck. yes. i always lose or break my sunglasses so i refuse to pay more than $3 for a pair)
  • Flip Flops: Black Rainbows (really old)

You guys, it’s been a GREAT week.

First, a note about today’s CASUAL Saturday fashion statement: When I go to a concert and I always want to get a shirt. But I guess about 6 or 7 years ago, I stopped getting concert shirts. Why? Cause they’re crazy expensive and I NEVER wore them. Never. I would get a cool concert tee and then NEVER wear it. That’s a waste of money in my book.

Now, I’ve been to a BUNCH of Dave shows and never gotten a concert tee. I knew that I wanted to get one this time, but I wanted to be strategic. I wanted to get a concert tee I would ACTUALLY wear. So I stood in line at the merch booth and BAM I laid my eyes on this graphic long-sleeve, slouchy tee and knew that was it.

Sure, it doesn’t have the tour dates on the back. OH WELL. I will wear this one. It’s SO comfortable and I love it. But it’s actually a fun, fashionable, meaningful concert tee I will wear. So, while running errands, I wanted to be comfy, so I paired it with my favorite chino shorts, yellow tank (you know, to pull out the yellow in the bird on the tee), and my favorite pair of rainbows. Add a fun necklace and you’re good to go for Saturday or weekend errands.

I almost feel hipster-y. OHNOES. Oh well. I’m okay with it, I think.

What do you think? Do you get t-shirts at concerts? How many concert tees do you have that you never wear?

Now on to Molly’s Top 5 Reads this Week:

  1. My homegirl, Katie Nesbitt, of Katie Nesbitt Photography announced this week she’s going FULL TIME in June! I am so happy to see her pursuing her love of photography full time. That’s awesome. If you live in the Newport News, VA / Hampton Roads area, you gotta check her out! She posted this AMAZING and SUPER FUN engagement session at BUSCH GARDENS this week. I love, love, loved it! LINK.
  2. Katie, over at …For Lauren and Lauren, posted a great look this week and a little story about “Dressing Your Age.” I loved it because I could SO identify with the plight of always looking young. I used to teach high school and I’d get asked for a hall pass all the time. Tragic. LINK.
  3. Katelyn James, my amazing wedding photographer, posted an engagement session earlier this week that I am in LOVE with. The woman has the most AMAZING Lilly Pulitzer dresses – I fell in LOVE with that session. If you love pretty pictures and some amazing Lilly dresses, you need to check it out. LINK.
  4. Elise, over at Among the Hills, posted a great entry this week about Learning to rest… Man, I needed that reminder. Sometimes we’re all go! go! go! and we never sit down to just REST. and breathe. LINK.
  5. Oh man! Yi-chia over at Always Maylee posted an ADORABLE look with a pink JCrew link necklace (that I have, too!) and a really sweet blue and green dress. I loved the pulled together, relaxed, chic look of it. LINK.

What did I miss? Any links or reads this week that you loved?

Now on to Molly’s Weekly Round Up:

still being [molly] posts:

rAVe [Publications] posts (aka: what i’m writing at work):

PHEW. Now, what are you up to this Memorial Day weekend??

xoxo, all for now.





photo below taken by me for emily + dustin’s impromptu maternity portraits

You guys, I like to give love where love is due. And often where it isn’t necessarily due, but just cause I want to. Or something. 

I’ve been learning a lot in the last few months as I’ve ventured into married life, as I’ve been exploring my creative juices more, as I’ve begun to harness my passions. But that post delving more into those musings is for another day.

With that being said, I’ve really been loving the community feel lately online. So, I’ve decided my Saturday weekly round ups will also feature my Top 5 posts from the week that I’ve read / seen across the web! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured! Maybe you’ll be in a Top 5, soon! 🙂 I just thought it’d be fun.

  1. Marion over at Marionberry Style had an UH-MAZE-ING outfit on Thursday – pastels & lace. I. AM. A. FAN. So cute. And seriously, I love this girl’s blog.
  2. I love photography and I have a passion for it. I’m not a photographer, but I just love to follow my favorite photographers as they capture all things beautiful. Abby Grace of Abby Grace Photography has been playing around with FILM lately and her photos have been amazing. I love this post she did on Tuesday about Film and what she’s learning. And her images are GORGEOUS.
  3. I love New York City. I’ve really become a Southern girl at heart, but I love New York City. And my girl Clare at Clarabelle did an AWESOME post about how to visit New York. (You know, she lives there, so she knows).
  4. If you haven’t checked out Bonnie at Mini Me Style, you’re missing out. I love this girl. She’s funny, she’s nice, and she’s got GREAT style. She posted an outfit on Tuesday that was nautical inspired and she wore a BACKWARDS CARDIGAN. WHAT?! I loved it. So so so awesome. It looked so cute and I would have never thought to do that. Check it out.
  5. Jess at Makeunder My Life is freaking awesome. She’s a great businesswoman who started a movement called Things I’m Afraid to Tell You. She posted another installment this week and I’m continually wowed by her!

Phew. Okay. Now onto the Round Up:

still being [molly] posts:

rAVe [Publications] posts (aka: what I’m doing at work all day!):

What did I miss this week? Anything you’re proud of? Share a link below! 

xoxo, all for now.