2017 Word of the Year


  1. Great word! I’m working on that, too. BUT, my word for this year is SIMPLIFY! I want to simplify our things in our home, our routines and processes, and to simplify my work. Of course, I want to continue to grow, but I am focusing on working smarter rather than chasing all the things. I want to create better systems that work for our family and focus on making a home where we can all thrive.

    I’m so thankful to have connected with you in 2017 and look forward to all that 2018 has in store!

  2. I’ve decided on “brave” as my word of the year. I’m expecting my first child in May and my biggest dream for my son is that he be brave and face the world without the anxiety or depression that have been such big parts of my life.

  3. I love your word for 2018! My word is bloom. We’ve lived in Georgia now for 5.5 years and I’ve never taken so long to feel settled; this is my goal this year. I’m excited to see how your word shows up for you this year and the blessings you receive from it!

  4. Such a fabulous way to celebrate new year. It feels great when we spend time with the family and friends. Social media is a virtual world.

  5. Love your word of the year and your verse Molly. Focusing on what matters sounds like a great way to jump into 2018. My word of the year is Doer. Without action behind our thoughts it’s merely a wish. Best of luck for a prosperous New Year!

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